This March, we mark International Women’s Day (IWD) – a time where men and women across the globe come together to raise awareness of the continuing socio-cultural, political, educational and economic inequalities facing women worldwide.

Across the developing world in particular, women and girls face continue to face ongoing poverty, injustice and discrimination – purely because of their gender. In times of conflict and natural disaster, women are also disproportionality affected to poverty and ill-health – as well as being more vulnerable to sexual violence. In fact, 60% of people suffering from chronic hunger are female, whilst women are also more likely to die from natural disasters than their male counterparts.*

Such inequality limits the opportunities open to women and both their own potential and that of their society as a whole. That’s why, here at Islamic Relief, we’re working to empower women across the globe to become finally and socially independent and striving to tackle gender-based discrimination wherever we encounter it.

This International Women’s Day, we need you to join us in celebrating the incredible achievements of women worldwide and break down the barriers women face in accessing education, health care and financial independence. We’re also calling on you to say no to gender-based violence.

At Islamic Relief UK, we’re celebrating women as leader’s, carers, farmers, small business owners and much more and are highlighting courageous women who despite the odds, overcome the struggles they face and flourish to be able to live a brighter, safer and happier future for them and their families.

Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Nominate an inspiring woman

Join us in honouring a woman you are inspired by. You can be as creative as you like! Whether you want to post an update on Facebook, tweet a heartfelt message or add a story on Instagram, we want to hear about the women you are inspired by. This could be your mum, best friend or even a historical figure. If they inspire you in your life and a critical role model for you, we want to know!

When sharing, simply add the hashtags #IWD2019 and #HonourHer, then tag three friends who you think will want to join the movement and do the same. Don’t forget to also tag us on Twitter via @IslamicReliefUK and on Facebook!

You can use our template tweet by clicking here or just copy and paste the text below into Facebook and add the names of your nominee and friends.

This #IWD2019 I’m honouring (nominee) who inspires me, (names) will you do the same! #HonourHer @IslamicReliefUK.

2. Read our blog

Through our international projects, we’ve helped empower thousands of women worldwide. This International Women’s Day we’re highlighting a handful of these inspiring women and sharing their incredible stories. Find out more by reading our latest blog and don’t forget to share too!

3. Donate to our Women’s Protection Fund

Through our dedicated Women’s Protection Fund, we’re helping to empower women, enabling them to overcome poverty and challenge harmful social economic practices. By donating today, you know that you’ll be making a critical difference to the lives of vulnerable women across the globe – what a priceless gift!

Here’s to strong women, may we know them, may we be them may we raise them! Happy International Women’s Day!

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