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Fun, Fitness and a £3k Banana!

Masha’Allah, it’s been a busy year! Here at Islamic Relief, 129 dedicated volunteers have been working around the clock to deliver Charity Week UK. Over these past few weeks, you’ve all been rallying together to join the fun. A staggering 184 institutions have been raising the Charity Week UK flag, launching their own fabulous fundraising events.

What have you been getting up to across the country? Well, take a look!

Bucket Collections: From Pennies to Pounds

Bucket collections are always a great way to get people on board and you’ve kept up the great tradition. Taking to the streets in 43 city centres across the UK, you’ve been calling on the public to join us in action. Here’s Liverpool John Moores University out on the moo-oove in their local city centre!

Charity Auctions: Going Totally Bananas!

You’ve been taking fundraising to new crazy limits this year. Who’d have thought you could sell a banana for £3,000? Well, at UCL you can. Here two society presidents joined their bids to win and then went on to feed each other the winning banana on stage! Meanwhile, folks at Exeter University have also topped the scales, selling a painted canvas for a whopping £2,500. Good job all round!

Cake Baking: Whipping up a Storm

You’ve been baking, baking and baking – almost non-stop! You’ve held cake sales, a Mad Hatter tea and cake party and even cake auctions. With the cake war in full swing 18 fabulously brick themed cakes were auctioned for a cumulative £82,662, with one cake selling for £24,675 at UCL! Well done everyone – we’re sure your baking was top-rate!

Charity Challenges: Stretching the Limits

Keeping fit and fundraising is always a winning combination and this year showed another great round of challenge successes. A staggering 1,171 people across the country people have taken part in fundraising challenges. Here’s the lovely ladies from Leeds University after their 5K run – well done sisters!

Fundraising Dinners: Food for Futures

Who doesn’t love a night of food and entertainment in aid of a good cause? Well you’ve made sure that no opportunity goes wasted. You’ve held 39 dinners over just two weeks, coming together to build better futures for thousands of children!

With many more amazing activities across the country from fashion shows to wacky Jungle Runs, we’d like to say a massive well done and thank you to all of you who’ve taken part!

Alhamdulillah, together, we’re building better futures for orphaned and vulnerable children worldwide.

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