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Frozen – a poem by Juwairiyah

Frozen – a poem by Juwairiyah

15 year old Juwairiyah from East London attended our Winter Tour in December, with Mohammed Zeyara. She was inspired to write the following poem and urges everyone to donate to our Winter Appeal, to warm up the lives of refugees living in harsh conditions this season.



This is a dignified plead from me to you,
Just about frozen; ‘tis the most I can do
I ask for you to a lend a hand
To bring hope to this broken land

Words will not do justice to what I feel
For reality is almost surreal
But as I lie on the hard, crispy grounds of Syria
The winter has made us all inferior

I hope not to make you shed a tear
Though if I were you, I couldn’t bare
the ill, oppressed and full of fear
So save a prayer, we’re dying, I Swear!

The other day, whilst you were outside
The sharp winds pushed you aside
But before young Ali froze he cried-
in that position, my entire family died

When the snow hit your home, you laughed so hard
So you built a snowman in your back yard
In your hat and gloves, your winter coat
Whilst I’ve endured a dry, crusty throat

I mean, it must be different for you and I
You have plenty of warm food supply
I search for an end-of-week meal
It’ll have to do, despite being as hard as steel

So as I look up in the night sky
Praying for a miracle to drop by
I ask god to send about aid
I may be suffering, but I am never afraid.

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