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Looking Forward to Eid

Looking Forward to Eid

“I sell cakes and use the capital to buy food, then stop the business until I receive a little money, then I can start again. Sometimes I get no returns. I lack sufficient income to strengthen my small business,” explains Hadjara.

“Last year food was a big concern, prices increased beyond our capacity. I could hardly meet my food needs, but family members try their best to assist each other.”

Despite her difficulties, Hadjara looks forward to Eid celebrations.

“My legs can hardly support me, but I go to the prayer ground and perform Eid prayers. My children share Eid food with me, then I visit my close neighbours to wish them the best.”

Hadjara heard about Islamic Relief’s Qurbani programme through the village chief. She became one of 50,700 people in the N’Djamena Region to benefit from the beef packages we distributed last year.

“If we did not have this Qurbani donation, we’ll spend the Eid day without any meat, because we cannot afford it. Thanks to Islamic Relief’s Qurbani donors. May God reward them all and increase their wealth, so as to assist all the poor people in the world.”

Islamic Relief has been carrying out Qurbani projects since 1986. Help us to reach more families like Hadjara’s this year: donate today.

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