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Emergency shelter response to cyclone Mora in Bangladesh

When a tropical-strength cyclone, storm Mora, made landfall in Bangladesh’s coastal region on 30 May 2017, widespread heavy rains and 73mph winds wreaked havoc on small villages in low-lying areas.

Approximately 2,811,465 people have been affected by the storm across 12 high-risk coastal districts. In Cox’s Bazar district alone, 17,023 households have been completely destroyed and 35,516 houses have been partially damaged.

Delivering life-saving aid

With your generous donations, Islamic Relief has been able to help 1,000 families in Cox’s Bazar who have been severely affected by the cyclone. Each family will receive a 5,000 Bangladeshi Taka (approximately £50) cash transfer so that they can immediately repair their homes.

By enabling families to buy locally sourced materials to rebuild their own homes, Islamic Relief has also injected funds into the area, providing two-fold assistance to the affected region.

More people need your help

But we need your support to continue to deliver urgent aid to vulnerable communities in Bangladesh who are particularly susceptible to the affects of extreme weather, and to build their resilience to future disasters.

By donating to Islamic Relief now, you can save lives before they are lost.

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