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Emergency aid for families caught up in Mosul conflict

Emergency aid for families caught up in Mosul conflict

Islamic Relief is already on the ground helping displaced families in northern Iraq as the battle for Mosul intensifies.

Mosul has a population of up to 1.7 million people, and 5,000 are believed to have left the city in the first week after military operations to take the city began. Those fleeing the city need humanitarian assistance, while those staying are likely to be at risk of hunger and human rights violations, with limited access to medical assistance.

Humanitarian organisations like Islamic Relief are expecting a first wave of displacement from Mosul and the surrounding area of up to 200,000 people – a number that could rise to 700,000 or even one million as the military operation advances in the coming weeks.

Islamic Relief’s Iraq team on the ground is implementing an emergency response to meet the needs of families who have already fled their homes. Islamic Relief UK has allocated £300,000 towards this response, which will provide vital support in the form of food and essential non-food items to 5,500 displaced families.

Our team is also working closely with local authorities and the UN to identify the most vulnerable for further assistance.
Islamic Relief established a presence in Iraq in 1996, and this latest emergency response is part of our ongoing work in the country.

“It is important to remember that in Iraq there are now 10 million people in need of humanitarian aid,” says Samina Haq, Islamic Relief UK’s Head of Programmes. “The latest phase of the conflict could lead to even more people being uprooted from their homes , all needing some form of assistance as they make their way to safety.”

Please donate towards the Global Emergencies Fund which will enable us to respond to emergencies like Mosul without delay in the future.

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