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Eadoos’ Story: Farming for a better future

Eadoos’ Story: Farming for a better future

Eadoo Malhyo lives in Pakistan. Due to the high cost of fertilizers, low quality of seeds, poor irrigation and outdated agriculture practices; people struggle to make enough food for themselves and their families.

Since the devastating floods of 2010, the worst in Pakistan’s recent history, life has been a struggle for the people of Sujawal. Before the floods, the quality of life was good in this southern coastal district and farmers earned a decent living.

Eadoo is one of the many farmers in Sujawal. He and six other members of his family fell victims to the floods. Eadoo lost most of his assets including livestock and farming tools.

To help the farmers get back on their feet, Islamic Relief visited Sujawal in 2014 to work with the community. Eadoo was able to attend a local training course where he learned how to use modern tools and techniques to boost rice crop production.


Eadoo told the team he is “extremely thankful to Islamic Relief for the provision of training… such assistance will help the farmers greatly in the future.”

After his training, Eadoo was able to apply his new skills and watch his paddy field blossom, easing the troubles of his family.

“I have never seen such a wonderful, lush green rice nursery… My rice crop matured 20 days earlier than it used to” he said.

Not only was his family’s food security improved, but their household income increased.

The team went back to visit Eadoo in June 2015 to see the wonderful progress he had made.

I am still benefiting from the assistance I received from Islamic Relief in 2014. I no longer worry about getting good quality seed. For this I am very happy and thankful to IR Pakistan for their support”.


Alhamdulillah a two day course has changed Eadoo’s life, along with the lives of many other farmers. A small amount of help has gone a long way to helping their futures.

Something as simple as a little training and the right tools can make a HUGE difference to someone in need. By donating just £3 a month, you can help make this happen.

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