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Devastating landslide claims eight lives in Cox’s Bazar

A devastating landslide has claimed eight lives after three days of heavy rains in Cox’s Bazar today and more are expected over the next few days, says Islamic Relief today.

According to local sources, six lives were lost in Rohingya Camp 10, including a small child who drowned in the water and another child is missing. Two people were killed in Cox’s Bazar town. Hundreds of shelters have been damaged and three people have been injured.

“This is absolutely devastating, says Hossain Shahid, programme manager for Islamic Relief, “but unfortunately, it’s not surprising as the accommodation in the camps is entirely inappropriate for the huge amount of rainfall we get in Bangladesh and there is massive overcrowding. Weather forecasts for the next few days indicates heavy rain in Cox’s Bazar that may lead to more casualties.”

There have also been landslides in Camp 9 where Islamic Relief built 500 robust new shelters to house people who had lost their homes in a fire that took place last Tuesday. Thankfully these shelters have survived.

Hossain Shahid Programme Manager for Islamic Relief Bangladesh said:

“First the fire and now this landslide. Life is so difficult for the refugees living in the camps. And they were traumatised before they arrived. This will just add to their trauma.”

He added:

“My colleague had been in Camp 9 to inspect the shelters and left before the landslide happened. He tried to return to help, but was unable to get through. Support is urgently needed to help those affected but a more long-term plan on building more suitable accommodation is needed in the long-term.”


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