Saturday July 17, 2021

Welcome to the Dear Lifesaver podcast!

On the Dear Lifesaver podcast we’re tackling some big questions we have about aid in the 21st century, finding out what it takes to save a life, and exploring how faith factors into all of this…

The biggest question is, could you help save and transform more lives by learning something new about humanitarian aid?

Episode #1: The Subject of Sacrifice with Dr. Wajid Akhter

In this episode, Nabilah and Sara are speaking with Dr. Wajid Akhter. Raised in the Arabian peninsula and now residing in Essex, UK as a GP, Dr. Wajid is currently Vice-President of the British Islamic Medical Association and International Director of FIMA Lifesavers. Among his many achievements, he’s also the founder of Charity Week, a global initiative uniting students together to raise incredible amounts for those in need in the space of days.

As the holy month of Dhul Hijjah is upon us, we’re speaking to Dr. Wajid on the subject of sacrifice, from his perspective as a major fundraiser and as a Muslim. We get his opinion on interpreting the key message of Hajj in everyday life.

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