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man in blue islamic relief jacket overlooking flooded land in kosovo

Kosovo Floods


Aggressive winter weather causes flooding across western and northern parts of Kosovo

Since Monday 19th January 2023,  weather conditions across Kosovo have become very harsh, with strong winds and rapid rainfall causing rivers to overflow and flood. Large parts of western and northern Kosovo have been hit by severe flooding, including towns and cities such as Mitrovica, Vushtrria, Peja, Skenderaj, and Decan.

Some of the poorest towns such as Skenderaj and Mitrovic have been severely affected, and have been declared a state of emergency. Water has entered hundreds of homes and businesses, causing extensive damage to belongings and entire homes, with some completely destroyed. Roads have also became very muddy and impassable. The intensity in rainfall has caused problems to water treatment facilities, leaving several communities with reduced access to drinking water.

Although no casualties have been reported, there is substantial loss in homes and belongings, leaving hundreds of families without their basic needs.

view of floods in kosovo

Islamic Relief are on the ground

Islamic Relief Kosovo are on the ground and are responding to the situation in Skenderaj and Mitrovic. Our initial response will support those affected by providing clothes and food parcels to keep families protected from the harsh winter weather. Once the flood water recedes, our teams will be looking to repair and refurbish damaged homes for affected families.

man in blue islamic relief jacket holding a bag of rice and in front of him is a food pack, reading to be distributed to victims of the kosovo floods
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