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Indonesia Earthquake


A 5.6 magnitude earthquake hits West Java, Indonesia

On Monday 21 November, a 5.6 magnitude earthquake hit the West Java province affecting multiple districts, with Cianjur district the hardest hit. The epicentre of the earthquake is around 100 km from Jakarta.

According to latest official figures, 271 people were tragically killed, many of them children – and 40 people are still missing. Hundreds of others were injured and at least 68,908 people are now homeless.

Thousands of families in Cianjur district are still homeless and in desperate need of shelter after the recent devastating earthquake. Large families are crammed into single tents, without access to safe water or medicine, and a downpour of rain has left many babies and children soaked and at risk of illness.

Islamic Relief are on the ground

Islamic Relief Indonesia are on the ground in Cianjur district and are providing emergency shelter to homeless families, working in coordination with Indonesian authorities. Our initial response will support those affected by providing hygiene kits, essential cooking items, and sheeting for shelter. Islamic Relief Indonesia plan to support 10,000 families with shelter, food and hygiene kits, as well as setting up temporary schools, rebuilding livelihoods and repairing water and sanitation services.

So many people here have lost their homes and are now staying in a temporary camp. There are 7,000 people in the camp but there’s no electricity and there are only a few toilets, so there is a real risk of diseases spreading if people have to stay here much longer. People are worried for their missing relatives and fear that the death toll will continue to rise. People here were buried under mudslides and many are still missing and unaccounted for. Much of the village’s infrastructure is destroyed – the main hospital was damaged so it is struggling to treat the large number of patients and many families don’t have access to medical care. People urgently need safe shelter to protect their privacy and dignity, and for protection from the rain.

Rahadiansyah Fachrudin
Local Resource Mobilization Coordinator, Islamic Relief Indonesia

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