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Hargeisa Market Fire

In the heart of Somaliland, in Hargeisa, an immense fire has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and that number is growing.

The insidious blaze, which began in Waheen market in Hargeisa on Friday night, raged into the early hours of Saturday morning with firefighters struggling to bring it under control. The effects of this fire have been and continue to be devastating.

Up to 60% of Somaliland’s GDP, and half of the city’s economy, has been destroyed by the fire, putting the lives of so many at risk.

Tragically, an estimated 500,000 – 700,000 families have been affected by the fire, and there are further ramifications to be felt as food commodity prices have increased as a direct result of the fire.

Islamic Relief is on the ground

Islamic Relief has been working to provide relief in Somaliland since 2008, and we are on the ground, right now, providing urgent support for those affected by this incident.

The consequences of the fire will be devastating to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people. The team are meeting with the Mayor of Hargeisa and other agencies to explore both short and long-term solutions for those lives who will have been devastated by the fire. Islamic Relief have responded by providing financial support, including micro-finance grants to tenants of Waheen market to help them recover their livelihoods, and multipurpose cash transfers to the most vulnerable. Risk mitigation measures and training to market members have also been provided to prevent catastrophes such as that unfolding, in the future.

Without this support, so many will be left for no-where to turn for income and are vulnerable to the terrible trap of the poverty cycle.

You can help prevent this from happening. Your support now, could save lives.

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