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Chechnya: Sharing warmth with Markhet and her children

Imagine a place where half the population lives on less than 80p a day…

Hard to believe isn’t it? Well, this is a daily reality in Chechnya.



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After years of repeated conflict and political instability, families are struggling to rebuild their lives.

In North Caucasus – composed of Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Kabardino-Balkaria – poverty levels are incredibly high. Around 19.5 million people struggle to make ends meet.

In Chechnya – one of Russia’s poorest regions – two wars throughout the 1990s devastated the local economy, job market, and infrastructure, leaving many people struggling to survive.

With 8 out of 10 people out of work, daily life is a struggle for the majority of the population.

Many families still don’t have permanent homes as they were destroyed during the conflict and families cannot afford repairs. With no money for shelter and food, the onset of winter will now be deadly for millions of people.

Meet Markhet: Struggling to survive

Markhet from Chechnya with three of her children.

Markhet is a dignified humble woman. She has faced many difficulties in her life. And when we met her, she was struggling to cope.

With five children – aged between 4 and 15 – and no stable source of income, she has a lot of responsibilities.

A single mother without a regular income, she couldn’t afford to heat her home and the house was always cold. Without enough money, Markhet was simply unable to repair anything or install a heating system herself.

She was in desperate need of support, however, she did not believe that any help would arrive.

Alhamdulillah, that’s where Islamic Relief stepped in. With Islamic Relief providing critical care for Markhet and her children, she was moved to tears when she heard that someone else was worried about the welfare of herself and her family:

“It is true that Allah (SWT) never leaves you alone. My brother applied to Islamic Relief for me. I was not expecting help to come but one day Islamic Relief representatives came to our place to do an assessment.

Then I thanked them when they said that they would help us install a heating system, but I was not sure that they would come back.

I thought that no one would help me just for nothing and nothing like this has ever happened in my life before.

However, I am happy to be mistaken. I could not believe my eyes when they came back again with all the necessary materials. May Allah (SWT) bless you all and strengthen your imaan and increase your barakah.”

Islamic Relief: Protecting Markhet’s family this winter

Markhet with three of her happy children following the installation of a heating system in her home thanks to Islamic Relief.

We installed two windows and a heating system in Markhet’s home. Markhet and her family were delighted:

“I had asked them [Islamic Relief] to help me to install two windows – we did not even dream about the heating system.

The children are so happy. Before it was so cold in our rooms that… the children… often got sick. Now they are happy because things are so much better.

I am so happy because I wanted to improve my family’s living conditions… My children are warm in their home now. The house was in a very bad state before, now my children have even been able to bring their classmates over.”

Alhamdulillah, Markhet and her family can face the winter ahead. And of course, it’s thanks to your generous donations that we’ve been able to support Markhet and her family:

“Thank you very much to all the donors. I will pray for you each day. You are doing great deeds. May Allah be pleased with you.”

Thank you for helping families such as Markhet’s across Chechnya and all over the world. It’s thanks to your donations that we’re able to carry on saving lives.

However, this winter, there are millions more families in need. For the 736 million people living in poverty worldwide, there’s no central heating, no thick blankets and no cosy home to settle into as temperatures start to fall.

By donating to Islamic Relief, you can provide critical care for men, women and children in need across the globe. You can save lives.

Share a little warmth this winter. Donate to Islamic Relief and help save lives.

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