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Charity Week – Saving Lives in Syria

The health care system now lies in ruins, with services in the north of the country amongst the worst affected.

Without regular access to much needed medical care and daily essentials such as food and water, life has sadly become an ongoing struggle for families, including a staggering 5.1 million children.

Offering a lifeline

Thanks to your generous donations during Charity Week 2016, we’ve been able to continue caring for Syria’s most vulnerable people.

We’ve been delivering life-saving medical care to newborns and infants in northern Syria where aid is most needed.

You helped us support 17 paediatric centres across Aleppo, Idlib and Hama by supplying much-needed medicines, disposables and life-saving equipment.

Your amazing generosity not only funded free health care for locals, but also helped over 150,000 children, SubhanAllah!

The impact of your donations

Umm Ali is a 29 year-old mother of three living in a small village on the Syrian-Turkish border. Her children are just one example of many Syrian families benefitting from your generosity.

After being forced to flee Damascus, the ongoing conflict has made it impossible for her to see her extended family and loved ones. Now stranded, with no money and no access to health care, your donations have provided her and her young family with a lifeline.

“Thank you for these newborn kits. They are especially useful for us as we don’t have the money to pay for these items. Thank you for your help. May Allah reward you.”

From Umm Ali and all the families you’ve helped, thank you for your incredible support! As we now welcome Charity Week 2017, join us and help to build a better future for even more vulnerable children!

Charity Week: Your donations in actions

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