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British Mosques Stand Up For Syria with Islamic Relief

British Mosques Stand Up For Syria with Islamic Relief

Every Friday, the packed prayer halls of Britain’s mosques hum with worried whispers about one of the biggest humanitarian crises in modern history: Syria.

Worshippers have been donating generously to charity for almost three years, in the hope of providing Syrians with some relief amongst the bloodshed and violence – Islamic Relief alone has raised an astonishing £5.5 million since the start of the conflict. However, money and humanitarian aid alone aren’t solving the problem, and Britain’s concerned community wants to do more.

Islamic Relief provided attendees at jum’ah prayers across five mosques and two university Islamic societies to do just that.

Ahead of the second UN peace talks in Geneva on 22nd January, our Stand Up For Syria! campaign urges UK Prime Minister David Cameron to do all that he and the British government can for Syria.

As well as pushing for peace – ultimately, a political crisis cannot be solved by humanitarian means alone – we are asking the PM to negotiate humanitarian corridors to let aid in safely and commit more resources to the desperately-underfunded the UN relief effort. Neighbouring countries, like Jordan and Lebanon, are struggling to cope with the strain on resources caused by an influx of Syrian refugees, so we are also asking David Cameron to support them.

Over 1,600 worshippers at the East London Mosque, Hull Mosque, UKIM Khizra Masjid, York Mosque and Al Rahma Liverpool Mosque signed the petition, along with students from Hull and Newcastle University Islamic Societies. Islamic Relief volunteers stood outside mosques with placards emblazoned with the ‘Stand Up For Syria!’ slogan, and a hadith (Prophetic saying) encouraging Muslims to act, speak and pray for positive change.

“It was an amazing experience to see the young and the old, from all communities, passionately calling for the Prime Minister to help those in need,” said volunteer Hamza Afzal. “Their acts of compassion showed that so many people in the UK still care so much for Syria – a clear message to the Syrian people that we will not forget you!”

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