Black History Month 2021: Proud To Be

During this Black History Month, and always, Islamic Relief UK continues to stand in solidarity with the Black community. We have a duty to our Black colleagues, volunteers, and supporters; a duty to be loud and proud allies of our Black sisters and brothers across the world.

However, our work cannot and will not end at allyship. To have a true and lasting impact, we must ensure that we continue to be an anti-racist organisation. This means striving to support and amplify the Black community, Black Activists and Organisations through the work that we do, but also fulfilling our duty to eradicate the internal structures that perpetuate institutionalised and systemic racism.

Our Commitment

Our mission demands that we alleviate poverty, and that cannot be done without an anti-racism framework, as poverty is wedded to systemic racism.

Our work is most effective when we listen intently to those who are directly affected, but crucially, it is our responsibility to create the structures that truly serve humanity and dismantle those that seek to oppress.

Our values of sincerity, custodianship, excellence, compassion and social justice will anchor our next steps as we continue to stand in solidarity with our Black brothers and sisters.

The Black Lives Matter movement and the ineffable efforts of many before, has created a phenomenal platform for awareness and change, at the priceless expense of many precious lives. For this, we are forever in debt.


As an aid organisation that has been on a mission to serve communities worldwide since 1984, we acknowledge the active role we must play in ensuring the support we provide to others stems from anti-racist structures. We recognise the urgency in striving to decolonise our development, humanitarian and domestic work and our internal culture.

We will use our voice to raise yours. We will use our platform to educate, empower, share, break barriers, and help build a better world.

“There is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab, or of a non-Arab over an Arab, and no superiority of a white person over a black person or of a black person over a white person, except on the basis of personal piety and righteousness.”

Prophet Muhammad ()

To our non-Black community, please join us.

Let us help one another to educate ourselves, to unlearn our internalised racism, to start and continue conversations, to uphold justice, to share stories, and to support Black community work.

Here’s some of the work we’re currently doing to amplify voices in the Black community and uphold our commitment:

Test Your Knowledge!

History Nights with Mustafa Briggs

About Mustafa Briggs

Mustafa Briggs is a graduate of Arabic & International Relations from the University of Westminster. His dissertation focused on Arabic Literature and Literacy in West Africa.

He started an MA in Translation at SOAS with a specialisation in Arabic and Islamic Texts, before going onto al-Azhar University in Cairo, Egypt where he is currently doing another degree in Islamic Studies & Arabic. He rose to international acclaim for his ‘Beyond Bilal: Black History in Islam’ lecture series which saw him explore & uncover the deep rooted relationship between Islam and Black History.

Celebrating Islamic History and Culture

In these series of blogs, we focus on and celebrate, the rich Islamic history and culture of some of the countries Islamic Relief works in.

Online Resources

We are constantly looking to update this page with useful online resources which we hope will help us to educate ourselves and enable us to become better allies of Black communities.

Please do email us on if you feel any resources should be added, or if you would like amends to be made to those mentioned. Give us your reasons why you are suggesting – or rejecting – a particular resource.

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