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Bangladesh: Implementing flood forecast based action in Jamalpur

Islamic Relief has implemented a project titled ‘Flood Forecast Based Action’ in two sub districts of Jamalpur, Bangladesh.

Flooding is a recurrent event in Bangladesh. Monsoon precipitation from June to September intensifies the flooding in the riverine areas. Both Islampur and Dewanganj Upazilas of Jamalpur district are most vulnerable to flooding. It is presumed that no response or recovery measure would be sustainable in these areas due to recurrence of flooding every year.

To mitigate the flood risk, Islamic Relief Bangladesh disseminates voice messages through boats and easy bikes among communities living in flood prone areas. Under this activity, a total of 2,000 people receive voice messages via cell phones daily and get updated on the flood.

a man on a boat with a large speaker to announce news on flood warnings to local communities in bangladesh

Islamic Relief formed Community Groups at Ward level for early action message dissemination in order to enable people to be prepared for floods and to increase safety. The goal is to alert people on the eve of a flood to strengthen their capacity towards flood. The project has contributed to disseminating early warning flood related messages with a lead time of 15–30 days.

Based on actual weather forecast information, warning messages are developed and disseminated towards community. Islamic Relief has helped to identify potential flooding areas covering 2,500 voice message recipients from national to community level.

The team has also organised numerous bimonthly court yard sessions sharing previous flood experiences and to orient community with Forecast-based early action.

Forecast based disaster preparations could play a critical role in mitigating the effects of floods, resulting in increased resilience in the impacted local population. Early warning regarding flood helps the community to take proper preparation to save their assets. Farmers harvest their hard-earned crops in advance before the due time receiving the flood forecast message.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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