Naser was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW) in April 2016. Since joining IRW 23 years ago, Naser has worked in numerous leadership roles, including as Director of International Programmes and as the Operations Director of the Humanitarian Academy of Development (HAD). Naser has over 25 years of expertise in both the private and third sector, running company-wide operational functions, leading complex projects from inception to successful completion and making sound strategic decisions. Naser has also served on the boards of various private and third sector organisations. As a successful leader, mentor and negotiator, Naser has travelled across 35 countries, is fluent in three languages and has rich experience in dealing with people of different ages, cultures and backgrounds. Naser obtained an Executive MBA with Distinction from Aston University in 2016 and has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Aston University, United Kingdom in 2019.


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