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Moving on from disaster: On the ground in Indonesia

One year ago today, Sulawesi became a disaster zone when a series of powerful earthquakes struck this central Indonesian region.

One of the quakes, a 7.5 magnitude tremor, was so devastating it even triggered a tsunami. Huge waves struck Palu city and other settlements. Communities were torn apart as homes and buildings were swept away in the chaos.

The disaster was so monumental that over 2,000 people died and 11,000 were left injured. Towns and infrastructure lay in ruins with a staggering 67,000 houses damaged as a result, leaving hundreds of thousands of people without shelter and incredibly vulnerable.

Our teams therefore set straight to work to support families in crisis. In Sulawesi, our emergency teams provided critical food, water, and hygiene kits as well as items such as tarpaulin and blankets – reaching nearly 19,000 families. We also provided special food aid for malnourished children and promoted good hygiene practices to stop the spread of disease.

In the months following the disaster, our efforts then switched to helping Sulawesi families to rebuild their lives and livelihoods. Here, around 400 children also attended our child-friendly spaces, set up in the aftermath of the disaster. Since the disaster, we’re also rebuilding schools in Pakali which were destroyed by the tsunami to ensure that children in the region have access to a quality education.

One year after the disaster, normal life has now resumed for most local people. However, not everyone is facing a safe, secure future. That’s why, we’re continuing to support survivors, helping them to once again be able to earn a living and provide for themselves and their families, ensuring that children receive an education to help build a stable future for themselves.

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We’ve been working in Indonesia for 19 years, providing a range of emergency and sustainable relief. Find out more about our work across Indonesia here.

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