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albanian family visited by islamic relief to support them with aid for winter

Albania: “I was scared about this winter, but now our home can be warm”

This winter many of the world’s most vulnerable people will be pushed to the edge of survival. Islamic Relief is providing a lifeline for thousands of families in 17 countries, including Albania, where mother-of-3 Valbona lives with her parents.

“We face challenges with warmth, food, and shelter,” says 33-year-old Valbona, who has been struggling to provide for her children. “Every morning I wake up to prepare food, and sometimes I do not eat myself because there is not enough food for all of us. There is a social centre where the children can sometimes get lunch.

“We had to move into my parent’s home as I can’t afford to live in a rented house. Now, we share 2 small rooms between 6 family members. As my children grow, they need stationery, clothes, and food which I can’t provide as I don’t have a job.

“My children and I do not receive any orphan-related support from the state, nor do we get any social assistance for being unemployed. The only consistent income we get is my mother’s 90 Euro disability assistance. My mother also sells some crafts, handmade products like socks, on the street, despite her health not being good.”

Last winter, Valbona was desperately worried for her family – until Islamic Relief stepped in.

The only help my family has received is from Islamic Relief. Before we got the wood for heating, I was scared about this winter, but now our home can be warm. Feeling warmth during the long, dark winter is a joy.

“My family and I are very happy. We have been in need, and you have supported us. I don’t have enough words to express what the food and wood distribution means to us. I don’t have to worry for a month, and I can save money for medicines for my children.

“We would like to express our deep gratitude to all the donors, and pray for your health, happiness, and success in everything. May your kindness and generosity return to you a hundredfold, may your strength and energy grow, and may your hopes become a reality.”

This year Islamic Relief will provide over 72,000 winter kits, packed with essential survival items, supporting over 455,000 people.

Please help people like Valbona and her family survive this season: give generously to our Winter Appeal.

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