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Afghanistan: Sharing a little warmth with Sanaullah’s family this winter

As winter sets in across Afghanistan and temperatures fall below zero, for those without adequate shelter, food, clothing and blankets, the season can be deadly. Our Afghanistan Winter Appeal will help save those who need our help.



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Living standards in Afghanistan are amongst the lowest in the world. Already struggling to recover from the effects of war, ongoing instability and natural disasters, many people struggle to make ends meet.

In fact, poverty kills more people than direct fatalities resulting from conflict, and over a third of Afghans live on less than £1.40 a day. That’s less than the cost of a cup of coffee…

Meet Sanaullah: Displaced and in need of care

Sanaullah with two of his young children.

Just one of the many people struggling to survive is Sanaullah, from Afghanistan.

Sanaullah is 41 years old and is a father to six children. Living in Badghis Province, Sanaullah and his family were forced to escape from drought and armed conflict and were in critical need of aid:

 “We suffered from drought and ongoing armed conflict in our home district, Qalai Naw in Badghis province. Our children couldn’t go to school. Our farms were hit by drought and we lost our cattle. So we had nothing to eat.

It was difficult to live and we had no choice but to move to Herat.”

He and his family have now been living in camps for five months and were worried about how they’d survive the winter:

“We’ve been living here (in the camps) for five months. However, we have not received any humanitarian aid so far.

During the winter, we had to live in tents made from sacks. My children became sick due to the cold weather. Our tents were not strongly built and water came into them when it rained or snowed.”

With the cold winter setting in, we stepped in to make sure that Sanuallah and his family could face the next few months ahead.

Islamic Relief: Saving lives this winter

Sanaullah and his family are delighted after receiving critical aid from Islamic Relief!

Our work for the Afghanistan Winter Appeal

Alhamdulillah, our teams in Afghanistan are supporting families such as Sanaullah’s, providing critical aid during these winter months.

“We are thankful for the tents and blankets we received from Islamic Relief in our time of need. We are glad that we can live a better life now.”

SubhanAllah, such simple essentials such as blankets and tents make all the difference to a family such as Sanaullah’s living in a camp and in desperate need of care.

Of course, it’s thanks to your donations that we’re able to carry on saving lives in Afghanistan.

However, this winter, there are millions more families in need. For the 736 million people living in poverty worldwide, there’s no central heating, no thick blankets and no cosy home to settle into as temperatures start to fall.

By donating to Islamic Relief, you can provide critical care for men, women and children in need across the globe. You can save lives.

Share a little warmth this winter. Donate to Islamic Relief and help save lives.

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