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a female medical professional in afghanistan providing an afghan mother with nutritional and medical supplies to support her and her children, funding by islamic relief

Afghanistan: Lifesaving health and nutrition kits for mothers and families

Islamic Relief provided 2,129 families in the internally displaced camps in Kabul and Nangarhar provinces, with an extensive package of sanitary and malnutrition kits. These packs included hygiene kits, newborn baby kits, mothers and children malnutrition kits.

The areas inhabited by internally displaced people (IDPs) are often congested with poor drainage systems and limited sanitation facilities. The poor hygiene and sanitation conditions coupled with the high concentration of people living in camps have created perfect conditions for the rapid spread of diseases. Displaced families need access to clean water and knowledge of proper hygiene practices like faecal waste handling, proper use of latrines, and maintaining food hygiene.

Islamic Relief Afghanistan managed to reach out to 756 pregnant and lactating women (PLW) mothers with hygiene kits, 380 babies with newborn baby kits, 733 children with malnutrition kits and 260 mothers with malnutrition kits. ​​​​​​​

The hygiene kits will ensure communities adopt proper sanitation practices and maintain their families’ hygiene levels.

women looking at bags of health and nutrition kits for mothers and children in afghanistan by islamic relief
islamic relief team in afghanistan handing hygiene kits to mothers and children
a group of afghan women gathering to collect their hygiene kit from islamic relief teams on afghanistan

Bebe Nasia is a 40-year-old mother who has lived in Butkhak IDP camp in Kabul with her six children for the past five years. Following increased conflict and recurrent drought in her hometown, she moved to the camp for a better life for her children and food aid.

Bebe Nasia a 40 year old afghan woman
We were running out of food and water. I feared for my children. People were also moving to cities in big numbers in search of food. I joined other families who were fleeing to Kabul. I came with few household materials in the Butkhak camp.

Bebe Nasia.

“The kits are handy for us. It will last us some time. We have shortages when it comes to cleaning ourselves and our dishes. I will be able to clean myself and my children properly after meals and after using the toilet. We are so grateful for the kits.” She said.

Islamic Relief works in several internally displaced camps and poor host communities’ settlements across the country, providing different services from livelihood support, education to needy children and improving water and sanitation in displaced camps. With the number of IDPs increasing daily due to the biting drought and other natural disasters, essential services such as access to water and sanitation are deteriorating, leaving IDPs unable to maintain the hygiene required to prevent the spread of diseases.

Islamic Relief provided hygiene kits to 672 vulnerable households in Butkhak IDP camps in Kabul, Afghanistan, to improve hygiene and sanitation conditions in the camps. Each hygiene kit contained six pieces of 250g of soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, a nail cutter, and shampoo.

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