We work with a range of local partners to ensure that children and their families are on the path towards a bright future.

With a particular focus on children from refugee and asylum-seeking backgrounds, we are addressing crucial social, cultural and economic issues affecting vulnerable children and families.

The Scout Association: Cultivating Citizenship

Scouting provides a powerful platform for young people to develop into well rounded, pro-social citizens who celebrate difference and are curious about the faiths, beliefs and attitudes of others. However, whilst young Muslims make up 7.2% of the UK population, they account for only 0.05% of young people in Scouting.

At Islamic Relief, we’re passionate about supporting active citizenship and inclusion. That’s why from February 2019 onwards, we’ll be supporting The Scout Association to create 36 new Scouting sections to reach a total of 540 young Muslims across the UK.

As a result of this work, these young people will gain a wide range of skills and benefits including:

  • Adventure: Becoming more physically active, increasing knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle and developing increased courage to tackle challenging activities
  • Leadership: Learning to be more responsible and trustworthy, working in a team, taking initiative and acting as a role model to help others make a positive difference
  • Skills for Life: Developing enhanced problem solving skills, becoming more independent, learning to communicate effectively and developing a range of practical and contemporary skills for school, work and social life
  • Wellbeing: Gaining a greater sense of perseverance, determination and self-esteem, alongside a deeper understanding and confidence in their own beliefs and attitudes
  • Connectedness: Developing more meaningful friendships and relationships and learning to care more about other people, showing respect and trust, including those from backgrounds different to their own
  • Citizenship: Playing an active role in their community and striving to consider themselves local, national and international citizens

Young Muslims involved in the Scout movement will gain a wide-range of skills and experience which will be crucial in helping to build the capacity of local communities to create positive change.

Scouts make a promise to “help other people” and we predict lots of positive changes ahead Insha’Allah!

Approachable Parenting: Inclusive Parenting

Approachable Parenting is an award-winning organisation which provides parenting courses and parent-coaching to Muslim families, in addition to accredited training Developed by Muslim clinical psychologists and parenting experts, their “Five Pillars of Parenting” programme is built within an Islamic framework, focusing on:

  • Character: Identifying the importance of good character, morals, personality, and behaviour
  • Knowledge: Learning new skills and strategies and acting on this knowledge
  • Action: Putting learning into practice to achieve results
  • Steadfastness: Dedication to overcoming difficulties
  • Positive relationships: Strengthening family bonds and developing positive permanent relationships

Learning methods include didactic teaching, role play and practitioner as well as video demonstration to enhance the skills and knowledge of the parents which directly impacts upon the positive development of the family structure.

In partnership with Islamic Relief, established trainers and free programmes are now in place in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Bradford for parents with children between the ages 4-11 years.

Helping Further: Supporting Children at Risk of Destitution

Since 2015, we’ve partnered with The Children’s Society (Birmingham) to help reduce the number of children and young people at risk of destitution. We’ve specifically targeted those at high risk of acute poverty due to their immigration status.

We‘ve helped vulnerable young people and their families to find critical and safe accommodation, financial support and social services assistance by providing:

  • Advocacy and Referral Support: Appointment-based advocacy and legal advice casework has helped families to understand their rights and entitlements in the UK
  • Immigration Drop In: The Free Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner weekly immigration drop-in service has been providing crucial advice and signposting support
  • Meet and Greet: Weekly meet and greet sessions work to offer social and recreational activities for children

In addition to providing direct support and referrals to pro-bono legal support, the project has also been raising crucial awareness around the needs of families with no access to public funds by contributing to relevant statutory service reviews and campaigning around the issues of destitution.

Alhamdulillah, the programme has already supported over 2,800 children and will continue to support more to create brighter, more stable futures for as many children as possible.

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