We are working nationwide to combat the numerous social, cultural and economic challenges faced by women across the UK.

Future Skills: Vocational Training, Mentoring and Support for Disadvantaged Women

Unemployed women living in poverty face a myriad of challenges finding secure and appropriately paid employment.

Following a successful pilot of the Future Skills project in Manchester, Islamic Relief is working in partnership with Oxfam to expand the initiative across the UK. The next phase of this project, which will be delivered in London, is designed to up-skill refugee and migrant women who are in real need of work to support themselves and their families.

The Future Skills project includes:

  • A tailored volunteer placement in an Oxfam shop for a minimum of eight hours a week for six months
  • In-shop training on retail management, customer service, inventory control and other skills transferable beyond the retail sector
  • Mentoring by qualified independent mentors
  • Personal development and employability workshops
  • Peer-to-peer networking and support
  • Assistance to overcome barriers to engagement in the project, for example, the provision of child care
  • Support to progress into employment

Through the support of the programme, participating women will have gained solid work experience, boosted their self-confidence and received crucial advice to help them find appropriate work following the six-month placement.

Combating Domestic Abuse

Last year Islamic Relief started a 12-week programme with The Amirah Foundation to support 30 women who had fled from marital violence and domestic abuse.

This crucial programme sought to help these women in boosting their emotional strength, self-image and understanding. The women were also offered one-to-one mentoring support and peer reviews to help them build a sense of camaraderie.

With such vital support, these vulnerable women can then go on to rebuild their lives and start afresh. This programme allowed these vulnerable women to benefit from many opportunities such as enrolling onto further and higher education courses, starting their own small business and undertake full-time employment or volunteering opportunities.

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