Eligibility Criteria

If you believe that your programme of work meets our eligibility criteria, we invite you to email us on uk.progs@islamic-relief.org.uk so we can review and then discuss your proposal before you apply.

You can apply at any time, as we review and approve applications for grants on a rolling basis. Please note that the application process can take up to 2-3 months.

Stage 1: Apply

Fill out the application form and submit online along with your completed Application Form A, Budget Form B and supporting documents. A review will then follow:

  • Initial review: All eligible applications are shortlisted, whilst those that are not eligible will be not be processed
  • Partnership Appraisal Group (PAG): PAG members – comprised of staff and external stakeholders – will assesses the proposals submitted against a set of criteria (see grant funding guidelines for details), looking at the quality of the proposal and considering the budget available. Successful applications will progress to the second stage

Application Form and Documents

Click below to access the online application form and documents you need to successfully complete Stage 1 of your grant application.

Stage 2: Due Diligence

If you are successful in stage 1, we will contact you asking for further information (Application Form C). During stage 2, we begin screening your organisation to ensure any work that you do/have done complies with our policies.

You will need to submit:

  • Trustee / Directors / Senior employee(s) information
  • Your bank account details (the account that we will transfer funds to if your application is successful)
  • Certified organisational structure chart*
  • Certified copy of registration / incorporation*


Once successful, a grant deed outlining the terms and conditions of the grant will be provided. As part of the terms, you would need to commit to providing Islamic Relief with communications and/or advocacy materials including photographs and video footage (where possible) and case studies of your beneficiaries. You would need to ensure that you had informed consent for these materials.

Once this has been finalised, the project may commence with regular feedback, monitoring visits and interim reports and evaluation.


Click here to download our guidance document for our Domestic Programmes grant application.

We will try our best to support you with your application along the way. If at any point however you require further guidance, please contact us at: uk.progs@islamic-relief.org.uk.

On certain occasions, we may contact you to gather further information on your application and to offer support in order for you to submit a successful application. However, please note that we receive a lot of applications and this may not always be possible.

Useful Resources

Here are some useful links to other organisations which you may find useful in building the capacity of your organisation:

  • Cranfield Trust – Supports organisations in areas such as business and strategic development, marketing and HR
  • Small Charities Coalition – Provides a wealth of information, advice and free resources
  • NCVO – Champions the voluntary sector, offering a vast array of resources from policy to practical advice and training
  • All Ways Network – Offers advice and support for small charities specialising in bid writing
  • NSPCC – For those seeking further information on safeguarding policies and procedures
  • UK Gov – Further guidance and information on whistleblowing policies and guidance
  • Muslim Charities Forum – A UK network for British Muslim charities, who support, connect and represent at a national level and offers various training courses
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