Change really does start at home and by providing effective emotional, financial and social support, communities can grow and strengthen to be more inclusive, protective and fulfilling to meet the needs of all its members.

The Bike Project: Supporting Local Refugees

Government legislation prohibits individuals seeking asylum in the UK from working. UK-based asylum seekers instead receive cover for some living expenses whilst their cases are being processed. However, after their transport costs are deducted, some are left with as little as £2 a day to cover the cost of food and other expenditure.

This is why we’re supporting The Bike Project, an innovative project which works to provide financial assistance to asylum seekers living in London. The project runs weekly volunteering sessions where several refugees volunteer regularly to:

  • Help fix bikes for other refugees and provide asylum seekers with bicycles – helping them to save £1,000 per year on transport costs
  • Supporting refugees to learn new skills – helping them to find work later on
  • Creating a warm atmosphere where they are included and treated with dignity and respect

The project has provided bikes to 1,700 refugees over the past three years and has also launched a hugely successful project to teach refugee women to cycle. In addition, by setting up links a range of children’s charities and putting together a specific children’s programme, the Bike Project has been able to address the complex needs of refugee children.

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