Through our volunteer training programme RespondIR, we’re committed to developing and sustaining a dedicated team of volunteers and staff ready to respond to local emergencies within 72 hours.

Barking Fire Recovery Response

After a fire broke out in Barking, London in June (2019), our RespondIR team stepped in to assist with recovery efforts. With 20 flats destroyed and a further ten damaged, a large number of people were left homeless and requiring specialist services.

Upon request of the British Red Cross – Crisis Response Team, in partnership with Barking and Dagenham Council and the Local Resident Association, Islamic Relief joined as a second responder to the recovery phase providing assistance to the predominantly Muslim population including:

  • Helping to signpost residents to appropriate services at a service desk
  • Assisting with the purchase of items in order to meet the religious and culturally-sensitive needs of residents, for example abayas (long gowns) and providing access to a local Imam
  • Distributing clothes and refreshments
  • Listening to residents and supporting them in a faith-sensitive manner

We will continue to work with the British Red Cross and local councils to provide culturally and faith-sensitive support as and when required during local and national emergencies.

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Islamic Relief works with a range of partners to respond to local emergencies here in the UK. Find out more about our other UK progammes below:

Grenfell Tower Fire Response

Following the tragic fire at Grenfell Tower in West London in June 2017, Islamic Relief responded immediately by sending a team to assist and support the local community and authorities on the ground. Our staff and volunteers distributed 6,000 bottles of water and clothes on the morning of the fire and as the tragedy unfolded, we remained on site, providing the necessary help and support to survivors and local people.

In addition, Islamic Relief also made funds available to help those affected by this disaster. We held a series of live appeals, in partnership with leading Muslim charities here in the UK, raising tens of thousands to support relief efforts collated as part of the Grenfell Muslim Response Unit (GMRU). As a member of this coalition, we have provided funds and strategic support towards:

  • A dedicated emergency telephone helpline
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Bereavement, burials and emotional support
  • Legal advice
  • Assistance centres and caseworkers

We are confident that given the support of the GMRU and local services, families can work to rebuild their lives.

York and Cumbria Floods Response

When floods hit the county of Cumbria and city of York in 2015, Islamic Relief volunteer teams from across the UK joined forces with local organisations to support those affected. Volunteers worked tirelessly to fill thousands of sandbags and provide vital protection to homes at high risk of flooding in York.

In Cumbria, where the flooding affected many homes and left families stranded without necessary supplies, through the provision of £10,000 to local partners we supported local efforts to distribute food and household goods.

As a member of local resilience forums around the UK, Islamic Relief remains on call, committed to helping people in their hour of need, whenever that need may arise.

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