Conflict and insecurity in Somalia have displaced thousands, while a four-year long drought led to a humanitarian crisis. Poverty levels are high in the region and very few people have access to safe drinking water or proper sanitation. Illiteracy and infant mortality rates have increased in Somalia.

Islamic Relief in Somalia

Islamic Relief has been carrying out seasonal food distribution campaigns since 1996. Over 750,000 people have benefited from these food distributions so far. We are also working in the sectors of water, sanitation, health, education and capacity building. Emergency programmes have also helped displaced people in the Bari, Nugaal and Mudug regions of the Puntland.

Senior government officials and local aid agencies have welcomed our work. UNICEF and the World Food Programme have expressed a readiness to work in partnership with us in Somalia. There has been no central government since 1991 and competing warlords have ruled the country.

Following the drought in 2011, Islamic Relief implemented a £22 million emergency relief programme to reach 1 million people with food assistance and 400,000 people with clean drinking water, across the region. Additionally, over 10 tonnes of medication was distributed to various hospitals and health centres.

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