At present, around 8.5 million people across The Philippines are living on less than $1.90 (£1.40 a day) with many people not receiving adequate nutrition. Armed conflict and frequent natural hazards, including natural and climate-related disasters such as drought, flooding, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, continue to have a hugely devastating impact on the local population.

The impact of climate change in particular on a disaster-prone country is threatening the stability of local communities. Each year The Philippines is hit on average by 20 typhoons. For the 30% reliant on agriculture, this has an especially detrimental effect.

Life is challenging for families across The Philippines:

  • Over a quarter of the population do not have access to appropriate sanitation facilities (World Bank, 2016)
  • 10 million women live below the national poverty line (UNDP, 2017)
  • 56% of the population live in rural areas (UN Statistics Division, 2017)
  • 45% of boys do not attend secondary school (UNICEF, 2013)

Islamic Relief in Philippines

Islamic Relief has responded to a number of natural disasters across The Philippines. When Typhoon Haiyan struck in 2013, as part of the Disasters Emergency Committee coalition (DEC) – an INGO coalition – we raised a total of £90 million, reaching over four million people.

We provided tents and tarpaulins to 4,500 homeless families and helped distribute food and water to over 32,000 households – around 160,000 people. We then provided farmers with seeds, fertiliser and tools to take advantage of the rice planting season to enable families to grow food and start to earn a living again. We also worked to resolve the widespread problem of insufficient clean drinking water by installing a number of rain water harvest tanks on the island.

In addition to our emergency response work, we also continue to provide much-needed Qurbani and Ramadan food aid as part of our global seasonal programmes.


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