Palestine Emergency Appeal 2014

Due to the current ongoing conflict in Gaza, Islamic Relief has launched an emergency appeal. Please donate now to our Palestine Emergency Appeal to help those in desperate need.

Decades after the conflict first began, life remains precarious for many Palestinians. Economic development has been stifled by political instability, constant conflict and the erection of the West Bank barrier. As a result poverty is rife. On average, 57 percent of the population lives below the poverty line.

The crisis is damaging children. Many have been injured or killed in the violence; others have been traumatised by the fear of living in a hostile environment. Education has also been disrupted and malnutrition rates continue to rise.

Checkpoints, roadblocks and the construction of a 700km wall have restricted movement and many Palestinians cannot travel to work, sell goods at market or even access water. The Palestinian Authority (PA) – biggest employer in the Palestinian territories has had a 60% drop in its income.

Islamic Relief in Palestine

Islamic Relief  has been providing humanitarian relief in Palestine since 1994 and projects in the region have included food distribution, medical relief and orphan sponsorship. Islamic Relief has also established educational enhancement centres, care programs for traumatized children and a school for the deaf.

Current project:

Islamic Relief is providing 20 widows in the Gaza Strip with higher education in order to equip them to become financially independent.

In Gaza, men are cast into the role of breadwinner. So when poorer families cannot afford to educate all their children, it is usually the girls who do not attend university.

With an ongoing conflict, most people have lost a friend or family to the violence. But when a woman is widowed, it can become extremely difficult for her to enter the job market. Usually she would be forced to return to her parents home or to remarry.

Our project is paying for the tuition fees, textbooks and educational materials transport to university for the two years it takes the 20 women to complete their degrees. The programme, which is now in its second year, aims to help women complete higher education, secure jobs and support their children.

Gaza floods December 2013

When flooding and power cuts struck Gaza, Islamic Relief was able to respond immediately thanks to generous donations to our Global Emergency Fund. This presentation shows how we helped:

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