Islamic Relief in Lebanon

Islamic Relief began working in Lebanon in response to a humanitarian crisis caused by war in July 2006. As part of the emergency response effort, Islamic Relief distributed food, clean water, hygiene kits, sleeping mats and hot meals to thousands of displaced people all over Lebanon. Islamic Relief was the first international aid agency to reach the people of Qana in southern Lebanon. Only two other international relief agencies were active in the area at the time.

After the initial emergency phase, Islamic Relief began focusing on reconstruction efforts, such as hospital rehabilitation and water facility repairs, and Islamic Relief Lebanon opened to continue long-term efforts.

Islamic Relief is still working in remote rural areas along the southern border, where conditions have not improved as quickly as in other parts of the country. With the emergency now over,  we are focusing on recovery activities, such as hospital rehabilitation and repairing water facilities. This includes the completion of seven reservoir repairs and providing three pump systems.

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