Although economic progress has been made in Bosnia and Herzegovina, many families still lack a permanent home after having lost theirs during the conflict. Unemployment is high, particularly among the younger population and families lack financial stability.

Daily life is challenging for many families across the region:

  • Over a quarter of the population are unemployed (ILO, 2017)
  • 1 in 2 young people are unemployed (UNDP, 2017)
  • Around 17% of people live below the national poverty line (WHO, 2016)
  • Girls are 10% more likely to attend higher education than boys (UNDP, 2017)

Islamic Relief in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Following the devastating war, Islamic Relief began providing vital emergency assistance in 1992, delivering food, water, and clothes. With local people and communities, we rebuilt homes, schools and public buildings which had been destroyed, and began providing support during Ramadan and Qurbani, which continues to this day.

We focus a large proportion of our work on supporting single-parent families and orphans, as these are amongst the most vulnerable groups across the region. Alongside our ongoing one-to-one orphan sponsorship programme, we also provide psychosocial assistance to children and families who have been traumatised during and after the brutal conflict.

We have also provided interest-free loans, based on Islamic finance models, to support single mothers set up their own businesses and rebuild their homes. When the loans are repaid to Islamic Relief, we lend the money once again to other individuals, allowing us to use one single donation to help family after family.

Most recently, we have also launched a project to provide fruit drying machines to local widows. Thanks to these machines, local families can produce dried fruits for sale after the growing season. In addition, we also support a local greenhouse project to provide sustainable livelihoods to local women. Women engaged in the project are able to grow and sell vegetables to maintain a stable income. Without our support, these communities may never have gained such a valuable opportunity to lift themselves out of poverty.

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