Zakat (zakaat, zakah) is one of the five pillars of Islam and a form of obligatory charity. Each Muslim is obliged to pay their Zakat throughout their lifetime, as long as they are eligible to do so.

When it comes to Zakat, there’s a wealth of information out there, and it can be difficult to know exactly what to do.

Free Zakat Toolkit

We’ve put together a Zakat Toolkit with everything you need to know about Zakat, for our valued readers, so that you can get all the simple to follow and accurate information you need.

We have enlisted the expertise of some of the world’s foremost Islamic scholars to form an independent Zakat Advisory Board. We work closely with our scholars in order to ensure that the information you’re reading about Zakat, is both purposeful and true.

View our free Zakat Toolkit – Download now!

Please note that for any specific queries, it is advisable to contact your local imam. You can also call our office on 020 7593 3232. During Ramadan, Islamic Relief has a scholar available to issue specific guidance.

You can also watch this YouTube video series where scholars answer FAQs.

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