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Zakat on Gold

Zakat must be paid on 2.5% of the value of the gold that you own. A gram of gold costs £40.88, which equates to £1.02 Zakat per gram. For example, if you own 50 grams of gold jewellery, you would owe £51.00 Zakat (50 grams x £1.02). Use our Zakat calculator to work out how much Zakat you owe on gold.

Zakat: A Sacred Pillar

Zakat is not just a duty on those with wealth given for the love of Allah (SWT), but a right that the poor have over us.

Those with sufficient wealth are noted in the Holy Qur’an as for:

“Those in whose wealth there is a recognised right for the needy and the poor” (70:24-25).

Gold Rate for Zakat: £1.02 per gram or £11.57 per Bori/Tola (11.34g)

zakat on gold

Last year alone, your Zakat enabled us to save lives

Your Zakat has funded some of our crucial work with people and communities living in disaster and war zones: drought and famine-struck countries across East Africa; communities affected by conflict in Yemen; and families in war-torn Syria struggling to survive one day to the next.

Your Zakat has supported communities to build sustainable livelihoods in the face of climate change and to build better lives for vulnerable orphans and families across the globe.

Alhamdulillah, your Zakat has the power to transform people’s lives. Help make this happen. Give your Zakat for the love of Allah (SWT).

Give your zakat today!

What is Nisab?

The nisab is the minimum amount of wealth a Muslim must possess before they become eligible to pay Zakat. This amount is often referred to as the nisab threshold.

Gold and silver are the two values used to calculate the nisab threshold. The nisab is the value of 87.48 grams of gold or 612.36 grams of silver.

Nisab Value (as of 12/04/2021)

Using value of silver (612.36 grams) – approximately £363.13

Using value of gold (87.48 grams) – approximately £3,576.18

Visit our Zakat page or watch this YouTube video series for answers on frequently asked questions around Zakat.

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