At Islamic Relief, we don’t believe in simply distributing aid to communities in need. We instead aim to give the poorest and most vulnerable people across the world a chance to transform their lives for the better.

By empowering people to increase their own household income and break out of the brutal cycle of poverty, they can grow to provide for themselves and their families for generations to come.

To do this, we ensure that our sustainable projects are:

  • Inclusive: All projects are community owned and led, placing the household at the centre
  • Integrated: We consider each family’s individual circumstances and design projects to meet these varying needs
  • Fully sustainable: We undertake longer projects with follow-on initiatives to build on successes, sustaining the benefits and impact of our work

Sustainable solutions also minimise the damage to the environment and the economies of local communities, offering better value for money than emergency relief – which is far more expensive to deliver.

Sustainability in action

We work alongside communities to ensure that as many people as possible can benefit from interventions which have long-term sustainability.

This works in a variety of stages on both micro and macro levels – uniting families and communities:

  1. Inputs: bespoke training, seeds/tools, cash grant, education
  2. Benefits at family level: increased income, higher school retention, food security, this in turn leads to higher community status, empowerment and greater access to resources
  3. Benefits at community level: with families within the entire community benefiting from the project, the local community is united, empowered and transformed. Revolving loan schemes, community food banks and community co-operatives can be established and build the long-term sustainability of the community for generations to come

By supporting our sustainable projects, you’re helping families and entire communities break out of the cycle of poverty and build brighter, more stable futures for generations to come.

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