Give a Qurbani right here in the UK for those in need
Give 2 Qurbanis right here in the UK for those in need
Give 3 Qurbanis right here in the UK for those in need

Our UK Qurbani Programme

Many individuals and families here in the UK are struggling with poverty are unable to maintain a varied balanced diet – going without meat for example – or at worst risk simply going hungry.

At Islamic Relief UK, we recognise the increasing needs of communities at home. One of the ways we assisted in addressing this crisis was by launching our first UK Qurbani programme in 2016.

Through local organisations, we provide Qurbani meat to people across the UK who are struggling with food poverty and are in need of food support.

In 2019, we worked alongside a range of local and national organisations across the UK, including FareShare and Sufra NW London to reach vulnerable adults and children in need. By working with partners connected to regional centres and smaller local charities such as community groups and soup kitchens, we’re able to ensure that our high quality Qurbani meat reaches those who need it most across the UK.

In 2019 alone, we distributed Qurbani meat to over 30,000 individuals across the UK.

Your UK Qurbani in action

uk qurbani

Just one of the many people you’ve helped through our ongoing UK Qurbani programme is Fatima*.

At 59 years old, Fatima is unable to work due to ill health. With no income of her own, she relies on the food bank to provide for herself and her family. Alhamdulillah, your UK Qurbani provided Fatima with a crucial source of protein at this special time of year.

*Identity and photos have been changed to protect the privacy of the people we support

UK Qurbani FAQs

Here’s a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) that you can use for further guidance in relation to UK Qurbani. Click here for general Qurbani FAQs.

If I pay for a Qurbani in the UK, can I distribute the meat myself?

To ensure compliance with food, health and safety standards on this scale of distribution, we will not be able to deliver meat to individuals for onward distribution. The distributions will be carried out by partner organisations.

How will the Qurbani be performed?

All lambs purchased for Qurbani through Islamic Relief will be traditionally slaughtered in accordance with the Prophetic tradition.

How will the UK Qurbani meat be distributed?

The meat from UK Qurbani will be packed and delivered to local partner organisations who will distribute the meat in the UK to food banks, homeless people, homeless shelters and refuges.

What Qurbani animal is being offered and how much does it cost?

Islamic Relief will be offering Qurbani of high-quality British sheep in the UK. The weight depends on the available supply that meets Qurbani criteria. IRUK Qurbani will weigh on average 40kg live weight, 18kg carcass weight after slaughtering and 14kg meat weight for cooking after butchery for £155 in the UK. Qurbani is an act of Ibadah (worship) so the supplier and beneficiaries have been carefully vetted to provide utmost confidence to donors.

Most UK Qurbani services do not take into consideration the income from skins and other animal byproducts but Islamic Relief does! Total expected income from the sale of the Qurbani skin, offal, tripe and casing comes to £2 per Qurbani (included in the overall price) which will be used to support those most in need. 

Can Qurbani be performed and distributed in the UK?

Yes, Qurbani can be performed in the UK. Islamic Relief’s UK Qurbani programme aims to provide high-quality fresh lamb and your contribution will help to ensure that families and individuals who are struggling to make ends meet are not forgotten at the time of Eid.

Why is the cost higher than other organisations offering UK Qurbani?

We use only the best quality meat for our Qurbani. All of the animals we use are bred and reared in the UK which is a more costly process than importing meat from abroad. However, this process ensures high quality meat. We purchase only British lambs, as opposed to mutton, ensuring that our Qurbani meat is the best quality possible for those who receive Qurbani.

Will I receive one third of the Qurbani meat intended for myself/family?

All three portions of meat delivered through our UK Qurbani programme are distributed to the needy in the UK.

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