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Thinking about the departure of a loved one back to Allah (SWT) is a challenging, emotional time. What’s more, sorting out an Islamic Will in accordance to the Islamic rules of inheritance can also be a daunting task.

Here at Islamic Relief, we’ve done all the hard work for you. For a limited time only, you can access a FREE will writing service which is fully compliant with Islamic law and domestic law – and it just takes 20 minutes to complete.

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What is an Islamic will?

An Islamic will is a legally-binding document that stipulates to whom a person will be leaving their assets (property, possessions, money) to upon their return to Allah (SWT).

This will take into account two groups of people:

  • Ascendants: Including your spouse (husband/wife) and parents
  • Descendants: Your children, grandchildren and siblings (full siblings and half-siblings)

A will can also include bequests for charitable purposes.

Meaning of Wasiyyah in Islam

Wasiyyah in Islam is the declaration a person makes whilst alive regarding their property and the arrangements according to Islamic law to be carried out after their death. Therefore, this is akin to a “will” in British law.

What is the law for wills in Islam?

In Islam, a will must be made by the person whist they are alive. A will is made for the purposes of arranging ones property and assets, after their death, for the benefit of others or for charitable purposes.

“It is the duty of a Muslim who has anything to bequeath not to let two nights pass without writing a will about it.”  (Bukhari)

Therefore writing islamic wills is incredibly important in an Islamic context.

How to create an Islamic will that is legal in the UK

You can create a will on your own, however consulting a solicitor for legal advice is advisable.

In order to create an Islamic will that is legal in the UK, you must meet the following conditions according to UK law:

  • You must be 18-years-old or over
  • You must be of sound mind
  • Your will must be in written form (oral declarations are not legally-binding)
  • You must state that you are the author of the will
  • You must legally declare that this is your last will – meaning that any other wills are now invalid
  • You’ll need to sign and date the will in the presence of two witnesses
  • Neither of the witnesses can be your spouse or beneficiaries of the will

For full legal guidance, we recommend you consult a solicitor. For Islamic guidelines, a scholar will be able to give Sharia-complaint advice.

* Please note that this service is provided by our partner, Islamic Finance Guru (IFG), who have qualified and registered solicitors. Any personal data supplied in using this service will be processed by IFG in accordance with their Privacy Policy.  Some personal data supplied in using this service will also be shared by IFG with us to help us effectively manage our legacy programme. Please see the FAQs below if you want to find out more.

Islamic Wills: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here’s a list of FAQs that you can use for further guidance.

Are these wills legally binding?

Yes – these wills are fully legal and binding in England & Wales. We partner with IFG who have fully qualified and registered solicitors.

Can I change my will once you have written it?

Yes! There are two options:

  1. You can pay £30 whenever you need to change your will in the future.
  2. Or you can subscribe for just £10 a year to make unlimited changes your will whenever you need.

You can contact Islamic Finance Guru (IFG) via their Islamic Wills contact page.

Do your wills cover Scotland and Northern Ireland?

The current wills service is suitable for anyone whose assets are mainly based in England and Wales. If your assets are based in Scotland or Northern Ireland then we recommend making your will via a local law firm that provides an Islamic Wills service.

Do you offer trust-based and tax-efficient wills?

The IFG trust-based will is a tax-efficient will designed and crafted in collaboration with a leading wills barrister. We automatically offer it to those of our customers for whom it is suitable.

Just fill out our will form, and we’ll flag to you if the trust-based will is relevant. It is ideal for people with an estate over £325,000, or who have mean-tested benefit recipients among their heirs.

This solution can cost hundreds or thousands of pounds. However, thanks to our partnership with IFG, we are able to provide you a trust-based will for FREE!

For estates over £2m, you should seek specialist tax planning advice but under that, the IFG trust-based will is perfect.

Do you offer a spousal will?

Yes. Each spouse has to get their own will written. Simply direct your spouse to this webpage so they can create their own free Islamic will.

Do you offer professional executor services?

Not at this stage.

Do you offer probate services?

Not at this stage.

Islamic Wills: Miscellaneous Questions

Are your wills structured to avoid inheritance tax?

Yes. IFG also offers trust-based wills, and they will offer that to those for whom it is suitable.

The trust-based will is a robust, tax-efficient solution designed in collaboration with a leading wills barrister from Ten Old Square Chambers.

Are Islamic Marriages accepted under English Law?

Islamic marriages (nikah contracts) are typically not recognised in English courts.

We’d strongly recommend getting a legal marriage. This is particularly advantageous for inheritance tax purposes as legal spouses inherit from each other tax free.

These wills are designed so you can get the will done and get legally married afterwards without it nullifying your will.

What if I submit my will and need to make changes to it in the few days following?

You can change your will as many times as you need to in the week it takes for us to get your will over to you.

After that if there are minor changes, we can do those as well as a courtesy.

What if I have a change in family personnel or buy a house – does your will become invalid?

The wills are written so that they remain valid in case of such changes. However, no will is ultimately completely future-proof and we recommend revisiting your will every few years.

Islamic Finance Guru offers an update service for £30 one-off, or unlimited updates for £10 a year.

Data Privacy

How will any personal data I supply be processed?

The will writing service is provided by our partner, Islamic Finance Guru (IFG). Any personal data supplied in using this service will be processed by IFG in accordance with their Privacy Policy. We only select partners that have been screened and that we are confident will keep personal data secure. We also ensure that there is a written contract in place that includes data protection clauses.


Some personal data supplied in using this service will be shared by IFG with us under the lawful basis of legitimate interests. This includes the below categories of personal data only. No personal data that is considered special category under the UK GDPR will be shared.

  • Name
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Amount bequeathed or % bequeathed, and/or value of estate
  • Will submission date
  • Cause being supported


We receive and process this data to help us effectively manage our legacy programme, including:

  • to allow us to see through the execution of a bequest to us made as a result of our partnership with IFG, and
  • to ensure that we can indicate the bequest to us on the relevant supporter’s record.


Personal data we process to help manage our legacy programme is kept for 6 years from fulfilment of bequest, unless otherwise we are notified that the bequest has been cancelled or the supporter has asked us to erase their personal data for this purpose.

For any further questions or requests, please contact our supporter relations team and we will be happy to help: info@islamic-relief.org.uk.

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