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The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus outbreak a global pandemic.

Coronavirus: Without healthcare, those who are already vulnerable are at higher risk

According to the WHO, there have been over 11.8 million confirmed cases of coronavirus globally, and over 500,000 people have sadly died.

Across the globe in Africa, Asia, Europe and further afield, communities are at high risk of contracting COVID-19.

As with any crisis, those who are already vulnerable are at higher risk.

In the midst of conflict in Syria, refugee families were already lacking shelter, food and medical equipment. With the outbreak of Coronavirus, their struggles are increasing.

For vulnerable communities – including displaced families in Myanmarindividuals in Gaza and for those recovering from the effects of natural disaster across Africa and Asia, getting critical access to food and hygiene is incredibly challenging at this time.

These people desperately need our help.

Donate Now and help save lives

We’re providing a range of care in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, including:

  • Food assistance and grants for orphaned children
  • Hygiene kits including hand gloves, masks, toilet rolls, disinfectants and hand sanitisers
  • Awareness-raising leaflets on how to keep safe

In places such as Gaza, Syria, Afghanistan and Ethiopia, vulnerable people are at risk. They urgently need our support.

Donate towards the Global Coronavirus Emergency Appeal today and help save lives.

Your donations help save lives

Good health is about more than just medicine and treatment; it includes all areas of life – that’s why we train communities on diet and health practices, and provide school meals to prevent child malnutrition.

Once people have become ill however, what they need is healthcare – and this is often severely lacking in poor countries. That’s why Islamic Relief builds hospitals and clinics, supplies existing centres with life-saving medicines and clinical equipment, and provides ambulances in conflict zones to reach the most urgent cases of injury and illness.

When crisis hits a country, Islamic Relief provides humanitarian aid that often includes emergency health care and distribution of clean water to prevent illness. Our teams often stay to implement long-term development projects, such as rebuilding destroyed water and sanitation facilities, or constructing new facilities for populations lacking them. Projects like these reduce illness rates and save lives.

Critically, we look at more than just physical health: when people have suffered losses and witnessed scenes of violence and bloodshed due to conflict, we provide psychosocial care in the form of therapy and counselling to help traumatised patients live a happier life.

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