Just £5 a month can provide fish farming training ensuring a sustainable income for a local community
Just £10 a month can provide fish farming training ensuring a sustainable income for multiple communities
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Fish Ponds: Providing a sustainable source of income and food

Artificial fish ponds offer a great way to support communities in need. They allow intensive fish farming, which provides employment for both fishermen and market sellers. This not only increases income for poor households but also ensures that families have a stable source of food.

With the impact of climate-induced draft and other environmental factors, this is critically important and offers critical security for vulnerable individuals and families alike.

Fish Pond

One fish pond can typically sustain 30 trained fishermen and support 20 women to set up a fish selling business. This provides a stable source of income and food, helping families to break the cycle of poverty and build a secure future.

Funding futures and transforming lives

At Islamic Relief, we don’t believe in simply distributing aid to communities in need. We instead fund futures. We aim to give the poorest and most vulnerable people across the world a chance to transform their lives for the better.

By empowering people to increase their own household income and break out of the brutal cycle of poverty, they have the ability to provide for themselves and their families for generations to come.

We offer environmentally-friendly, sustainable solutions to poverty. We don’t believe in relying on hand-to-mouth support. We strive to protect the dignity, independence and future of everyone we meet.

We’re not only transforming futures; we’re saving lives.

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