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can provide a family in an emergency with water for a month
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can provide a family in an emergency with water for a month
can provide a cash grants for one household to purchase essentials for one month
can provide two families with shelter in an emergency
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“Whoever saves the life of one, it is as if he saved the whole of mankind” (Qur’an 5:32)

When an emergency strikes, Islamic Relief aims to be the first on the ground, providing emergency relief and helping those affected immediately. When floods, droughts or earthquakes happen, we’re there: providing life-saving food, water, shelter, medicine and other essential items to families who have lost everything.

Emergency Response: Current Focus

Pakistan: Heavy monsoon rains and flash floods

Pakistan has seen extremely heavy rainfall during the monsoon season results in catastrophic flash flooding across the country. According to the most recent reports, 419 people have sadly lost their lives, including 77 children.

The situation has deteriorated over the last couple of days, with flash flooding impacting Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Punjab. Reports from authorities have confirmed that over 34,000 homes, 977km of road infrastructure and 61 bridges have been destroyed. Flood warnings remain in place as more heavy downpour is expected in the coming days.

Islamic Relief are on the ground

Our emergency teams are on the ground and already working in local communities to establish how best to support affected families, who urgently need food, shelter, bedding and hygiene items.

Our plans include providing cash grants to 3,000 families in 3 regions of Balochistan, which they can use as they wish to cover their most essential needs. Our teams are also working with the local government to support relief efforts.

Please support our Emergency Response. Donate Now.

Recent Emergency Responses

Pakistan: Fire in Sindh

A fire erupted during the night on Monday 18 April in a village in District Dadu in Sindh province. The village comprises of approximately 150 families, who live in huts with thatched roofs. The fire reportedly broke out in the kitchen of one of the huts and soon engulfed the entire village as acute shortage of water meant locals weren’t able to douse the flames. Also, no fire engines were available in this remote area.

Nine fatalities have been reported (eight children and one woman). More than a dozen people including children have suffered burns and being treated in public hospital at Larkana. Media reports also indicate that 160 animals have also died due to the incident.

Islamic Relief Pakistan have deployed a Disaster Response Team to the area – and thanks to donations towards our Emergency Response fund, our teams are responding.

Somaliland: Hargeisa Market Fire

In the heart of Somaliland, in Hargeisa, an immense fire has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and that number is growing.

The insidious blaze, which began in Waheen market in Hargeisa on Friday night, raged into the early hours of Saturday morning with firefighters struggling to bring it under control. The effects of this fire have been and continue to be devastating.

Up to 60% of Somaliland’s GDP, and half of the city’s economy, has been destroyed by the fire, putting the lives of so many at risk.

Tragically, an estimated 500,000 – 700,000 families have been affected by the fire, and there are further ramifications to be felt as food commodity prices have increased as a direct result of the fire.

Islamic Relief is on the ground

Islamic Relief has been working to provide relief in Somaliland since 2008, and we are on the ground, right now, providing urgent support for those affected by this incident.

The consequences of the fire will be devastating to the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of people. The team are meeting with the Mayor of Hargeisa and other agencies to explore both short and long-term solutions for those lives who will have been devastated by the fire. Islamic Relief have responded by providing financial support, including micro-finance grants to tenants of Waheen market to help them recover their livelihoods, and multipurpose cash transfers to the most vulnerable. Risk mitigation measures and training to market members have also been provided to prevent catastrophes such as that unfolding, in the future.

£80 can provide a cash grants for one household to purchase essentials for one month

Without this support, so many will be left for no-where to turn for income and are vulnerable to the terrible trap of the poverty cycle.

You can help prevent this from happening. Your support now, could save lives.

Earthquake strikes in Balochistan

A powerful 5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Harnai, Balochistan in Eastern Pakistan in the early hours of Thursday, October 7th.

Currently, 41 people have died from the devastating earthquake, and 200 people are injured. Hundreds of homes, bridges and roads have been severely damaged, and landslides caused by the quake are limiting access to effected villages.

The district of Harnai, Balochistan already faces extreme poverty and limited resources, further exacerbating the need for emergency aid and support in the region.

Livelihoods are now at risk in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake, as Islamic Relief projects enabling farmers to gain better food security are in the affected area. The people of Harnai are in desperate need of our support, to survive the impact of this tragedy.

Islamic Relief is on the ground

Islamic Relief is working to provide urgent relief for those effected, by supporting the rescue of the injured and arranging for people in need to access clean water and nearby hospitals.

Crucially, we are providing immediate needs such as emergency shelters, life-saving essentials, and food vouchers to the many countless victims of the earthquake. Your support now could save lives.

Floods Emergency, Sudan and South Sudan

Flash floods hit several states in Sudan and South Sudan in late July 2021. Hundreds of homes have been destroyed and substantial damage caused to livestock and road access. Thousands of families are now displaced, with many living in public spaces and camps. Communities have been left even more hopeless as they already battling the economic crisis, exacerbated by Covid-19, as well as outbreak of diseases and severe food shortages. At least 1.3 million people face emergency levels of acute food insecurity.

The most affected states are Sennar, Gadaref,and Gezera, with high probability of Khartoum. With the water levels continuing to rise in many states, the situation is expected to get worse.

Islamic Relief Sudan are implementing floods mitigation activities to help reduce further damage. There are plans to reach 120,000 individuals from the worse hit areas affected by the floods and provide food, water, sanitation and non-food items – currently identified as the main needs.

Fire breaks out in Rohingya Refugee Camp

A fire in the Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh has affected close to 100,000 people with numbers expected to rise in the coming days.

On the 22nd of March, 2021 a massive fire broke out at Balukhali Refugee Camp in Ukhiya, Cox’s Bazar.

9,176 shelters have been confirmed as burnt which has affected over 87,855 people. However, reports have suggested that the final number will be much higher.

People have sought refuge in nearby camps, at friends/families’ shelters, learning centres, and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) transit sites.

However, there are also people who have been found to be sleeping on the roadsides and fields.

Islamic Relief participated in a needs assessment and have deployed staff from Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar to support the scale-up of the response.

We have been focused on delivering a range of critical aid to support this community in need, including:

  • Non-food items
  • Emergency Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities
  • Immediate shelter

Catastrophic Food Crisis, South Sudan

South Sudan is facing a humanitarian crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic, with the UN cautioning that 60% of people are ‘increasingly hungry’. Severe food shortages and the prevalence of Covid-19 are making an already catastrophic situation worse as South Sudan struggles to recover from five years of war that killed almost 400,000 people.

The UN cautioning that 60% of people are ‘increasingly hungry’

Severe humanitarian needs across the country have significantly worsened due to a combination of flooding, displacement and protracted violence. More flooding is anticipated towards the end of this month.

Islamic Relief South Sudan have been implementing a comprehensive response – having identified the main needs as food, water, sanitation and non-food items, and are focusing their efforts on the  areas of Tonj North and Terekeka County in Central Equatorial State, which are amongst the worst affected areas.

Conflict in Tigray, Ethiopia

The escalating conflict in the Tigray region of Ethiopia has caused mass casualties, while tens of thousands of vulnerable people flee their homes to find safety.

In a region already strained by humanitarian crises, this conflict threatens the survival of more than 2 million people, including existing refugee populations and displaced families.

As tensions rise, tens of thousands more people are expected to cross over into Afar region of Ethiopia where Islamic Relief has a presence, and a potential 100,000 people are expected to cross over into Sudan.

Islamic Relief have been working at the entry points and camps in Sudan to help accommodate the large influx of refugees streaming into the country. Our teams in Ethiopia are continuously monitoring the situation to provide support and relief.

Greece and Turkey Earthquake

A 7.0 magnitude earthquake has struck Greece and Turkey. The epicentre of the tremor was in the Aegean Sea, around 11 miles off the coast of Turkey’s Izmir province.

There are no immediate reports of casualties, but there are unverified reports of building having collapsed in Turkey.

Islamic Relief teams are closely monitoring the situation on the ground.

Donations towards our Emergency Response fund will help us to respond rapidly when disaster strikes, and help prepare communities for potential disasters. Donate Now and help save lives.

More than 90% of natural disaster-related deaths occur in developing countries

Emergencies place entire communities in jeopardy with devastating long-term effects. Our Global Emergencies Fund works to ensure that we can respond to events as quickly as possible, within 72 hours in fact, and assist with the recovery to help rebuild lives.

Across the globe, climate change is increasingly affecting communities, leaving families suffering the effects of weather-related natural disasters and devastating entire communities. Left with limited or no access to clean water, shelter, power or food, affected families’ lives are turned upside down.

In cases of conflict, more and more people are displaced from their homes as violence forces families to flee and leave everything behind. Sadly though, it’s society’s poorest who are most vulnerable to the effects of conflict and natural and climate-based disasters. These communities have lower resilience to withstand shock and less access to life saving tools such as early warning systems, earthquake-resistant shelter and lack sufficient health and education services.

Emergency Response, Resilience and Recovery

To keep communities safe we help them prepare for potential disaster and if tragedy should strike we’re straight on the ground. When the crisis is over, we’re also on hand to help communities recover from the devastation and get back on their feet. Here’s how:

  • Resilience: We develop school safety plans, advocate for the use of building codes, promote climate adaptive technology and plant trees in cyclone affected areas
  • Response: When an emergency strikes we supply food, water, shelter, medicine, hygiene kits, kitchen sets, buckets, blankets, tarpaulins and tents
  • Recovery: We build shelters, rehabilitate existing water points, provide livelihood assistance, support orphans, provide informal education and offer psychosocial support

emergency response

By donating to our Global Emergencies Fund, you can help ensure we have a contingency fund that can be used to prepare communities for disaster so that when an emergency hits, the impact on people’s lives is reduced. Communities are able to respond immediately and with the support of Islamic Relief, save and rebuild lives – without our teams having to launch a public appeal:

“Donations to the Global Emergencies Fund provide a lifeline to communities who are in immediate need as a result of floods and other smaller localised emergencies,” says Tufail Hussain (Director, Islamic Relief UK). “Their plight may not hit the headlines internationally, but we are aware of their needs through our presence on the ground.”

Support our Emergency Response efforts. Donate Now and help save lives.

Saving lives since 1984

Here at Islamic Relief, we’re saving lives in over 40 countries across the globe. In conflict zones such as Syria and Yemen, we’re on the ground reaching places where many other organisations cannot. Since the outbreak of conflict in Syria, we’ve delivered a staggering £287 million of aid to support communities in need, as well as serving refugee populations in neighbouring countries such as Lebanon and Jordan.

In Yemen, where conflict continues to destroy an already struggling nation, we’re on the ground in 19 of the country’s 22 governorates, providing essential food aid to families at risk of famine and facing extensive food insecurity.

In flooded countries like Bangladesh, we’re helping communities to recover from and become resilient against disaster. We’re raising houses on plinths so the water doesn’t reach homes and destroy them, protecting communities for years to come.

In drought-stricken countries like Niger, we’re building long-lasting wells and plant crops which can survive in dry weather, so families won’t starve. Across the globe, we’re serving communities in need – we’re saving and transforming lives.

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