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“The best gift a father can provide for their child is an education.”


Across the globe, a staggering 250 million children are lacking in basic literacy skills.

Every child deserves a quality education. It’s the key to a brighter future, offering the chance to learn critical skills, grow in self-confidence and escape the brutal cycle of poverty.

What’s more, not only does accessing education help each and every child build their own futures, but it also impacts on generation after generation within even a single family, even bringing blessings to the wider community.

At Islamic Relief, we believe in the need to educate, learn and grow – helping each child to gain a critical education, learn much-needed skills and grow a bright and happy future insha’Allah.

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Here at Islamic Relief, we’re committed to breaking the ongoing cycle of poverty that so many children face. We want to ensure that all children receive at least primary education and that adults are taught to read and write too.

We build and rehabilitates schoolsstocking and equipping them to provide quality teaching. We train teachers so that they give the best education possible, and support schools with milk and nutritional meals, to ensure that children are healthy enough to concentrate and learn. What’s more, we also work with adults, teaching them in ways that work best for their situation and culture to facilitate learning in the safest way possible to transform lives.

By supporting us you can provide a child or adult with a brighter future free from poverty. You can help educate others, and enable them to learn and grow a stable future.

Transform a life today for generations to come.

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