Marine Bourgeois

Role: International Programmes Coordinator

Department: International Programmes

Marine’s blog

I’ve been working with IRUK for almost a year and it really has been a fantastic learning experience.

As International Programmes Coordinator, I not only work across the globe, reviewing programmes and budgets for projects taking place in extremely remote areas, but also provide support and guidance to the other departments.

I feel truly lucky that the breadth of my role means that there’s never a dull moment at work. With Islamic Relief, I also know that I have the chance to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Zia Salik

Role: Interim Head of Fundraising

Department: Fundraising

Zia’s Blog

I’ve been with IRUK for eight years now. Working at IR is very fast paced. There’s never a dull moment! There’s always so much to do when you are at the forefront of dealing with issues around the world, from responding to disasters to helping lift people out of poverty.

As National Community Fundraising Manager, my main role is to connect those we serve with the community in the UK through our network of fundraisers, volunteers and supporters.  It’s challenging but extremely rewarding. I am very fortunate to see the impact of the work our teams do in the UK but I also have the heartbreaking job of seeing the extreme needs of communities around the world.

Being part of Islamic Relief means that no matter how hard or how long the day has been, I know it’s not been in vain.

Sabil Ahmed

Role: Data Analyst

Department: Project Management Office (PMO)

I’ve been at IRUK for just over a year and I can safely say Islamic Relief UK is one of the best organisations I’ve ever worked for. For the first time in many years, I feel as though my work means something. I know that my work has a direct impact on many lives around the world.

As the Data Analyst, I crunch numbers to help the organisation understand donor behaviour. This helps Islamic Relief UK become more data driven and allows us to fundraise in a more efficient manner.

For me, it’s all about being part of the greater cause. I know, that I am a cog in a large machine, continuously turning to save lives – day in day out.

Sara Caggiati

Role: UK Domestic Programmes Coordinator

Department: Programmes

Sara’s blog

I joined IRUK around six months ago and working with IRUK has been an amazing learning experience.

As UK Domestic Programme Coordinator, my main role is to establish, manage and deliver IRUK’s domestic programmes and partnerships. I am very fortunate to see the impact of the work our dedicated teams and partners deliver in the UK.

In this role I also see first-hand the impact of poverty among the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the country. This motivates me even more to establish new partnerships with specialised charities working together to maximise the number of people we can reach.

Working with Islamic Relief, I know that I have the chance to contribute to make a positive impact in the lives of those most vulnerable.

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