Islamic Relief UK is a division of Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), an international non-profit organisation founded in Birmingham in 1984.

Governed by Islamic Relief Worldwide, our three key aims are:

  • To raise funds for IRW’s international humanitarian and development programmes
  • To empower the UK Muslim community and tackle poverty affecting the wider UK society through domestic programmes
  • To deliver distinctive, relevant and impactful advocacy in the UK by supporting IRW’s global advocacy work

Based in London, we work closely with the IRW Secretariat in Birmingham (UK) – the international office of the Islamic Relief federation. The CEO of IRW is Naser Haghamed.

Islamic Relief Worldwide

Islamic Relief Worldwide oversees global standards, coordinates and monitors project implementation, identifies new areas for fund development, oversees the response to emergencies and disasters by members of the Islamic Relief federation and supports them as needed with marketing and media materials.

Islamic Relief Worldwide is also responsible for coordinating engagement relations with multi-lateral institutions, representing the federation in international forums and developing and coordinating the global strategy.

Islamic Relief is a purely humanitarian organisation with no political affiliations. We work to uphold the strictest humanitarian standards of neutrality, impartiality and independence, assisting people of all faiths and none, without discrimination by race, religion or gender.

Board of Directors and Trustees

The CEO of IRW chairs the Board of Directors, which is made up of the division directors. Division directors make sure that the policies laid down by the Board of Trustees are implemented, and they also support the work of other staff and volunteers.

Islamic Relief UK’s representative on the Board of Directors is the UK Director, Mr Tufail Hussain. .

The IRW Board of Trustees oversees the strategic direction of IRW and works closely with the CEO and Board of Directors, providing oversight, advice and guidance.

Independent Commission

Islamic Relief Worldwide established an independent commission to examine trustee vetting and conduct, and wider global governance arrangements. The independent commission, led by former UK Attorney General Dominic Grieve QC and assisted by Sir Clive Jones, made 19 recommendations which IRW is committed to implementing.

The recommendations include reforms to the membership and governance of IRW’s international Board, updating the charity’s Code of Conduct, and utilising external expertise when undertaking the vetting of trustees.

The full Independent Commission report is available here.

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