Dear Lifesaver: An audio letter to our supporters

Alhamdulillah, we’ve been working behind the scenes on Islamic Relief UK’s first podcast, Dear Lifesaver, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

Dear Lifesaver is an audio letter to every single one of our supporters and beyond, who want to be a part of the journey to understanding what it takes to save and transform lives.

Join Nabilah and Sara every fortnight as they speak to guests and experts in their fields about the story of humanitarian aid, as it was, has been, and may be, and importantly, how faith factors into all of this.

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Dear Lifesaver: Podcast Episode List

More information on each episode will be displayed here as and when they are released.

Dear Lifesaver Podcast – Ep#7: The Climate Crisis Is Here, Now

Dear Lifesaver Podcast – Ep#6: How To Find Your Purpose

Dear Lifesaver Podcast – Ep#5: How To ‘Launch Good’ and Carve Legacies

Dear Lifesaver Podcast – Episode #4: Unpacking Aid

Dear Lifesaver Podcast – Episode #3: How Safe Spaces Save Lives

Dear Lifesaver Podcast – Episode #2: The Dangers of Voluntourism

Dear Lifesaver Podcast – Episode #1: The Subject of Sacrifice

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