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A Parcel of Joy: Distributing your Qurbani donations

Despite the cost of living crisis, your generous donations meant that those living in hardship across the globe received desperately-needed support this Dhul Hijjah.  

Thanks to your kind help, our teams on the ground carried out more than 195,000 Qurbanis across 29 countries, including right here in the UK, reaching over two million people!


Ajaiba-Shayicho-prepares-lunch-for-the-family ethiopia qurbani islamic relief
We celebrated this year's Eid al-Adha with nothing but the meat you gave us

says Ajaiba Shayicho, a 30-year-old mother of three from Ethiopia.

Ajaiba lives in Kolfe Keranio, a district in West Addis Ababa, and is dependent on the “meager income” of her husband’s wages as a laborer. Meat is a luxury for the family. Ajaiba went onto to say:

The amount of meat given to us is sufficient for us. We know that there are other people who are in need of similar support during this Eid and you are trying to reach those people as much as you can. I sincerely thank those who have given us the meat pack. May Allah give them long life and good health.

In Ethiopia, a donation of £89 was enough to feed a family like Ajaiba’s. 

Worldwide consumption of meat has more than doubled in the past 20 years, reaching 320 million tonnes in 2018. 

And with prices now soaring during the cost of living crisis, meat is once again considered a luxury food, with its consumption dependent on income. 44-year old Julian Likulives with his mother, wife and five children in Ura e Vjetër e Bunës – an area near Shkodra in northern Albania.

He collects discarded tin cans from the streets around him to sell and buy bread to feed his children. Julian says:

a man from albania named julian is holding his child and receiving a pack of qurbani meat from islamic relief
Children want to eat, they don't want to know if we have or not, they ask for bread.

Julian and wife Dorina, 39, usually find their meals by scavenging for leftovers found in public bins, too ashamed to offer this to their children. 

We are in such a difficult situation that a grain of rice seems like a lot to us. When I received the package, I felt relieved, the first thought was that I will have delicious food for the family, and the second thought, Insha’Allah no one lacks food on the table.
Julian's family enjoying the Qurbani meat
Image: Julian's family enjoying the cooked Qurbani meat distributed by Islamic Relief

Islamic Relief has been performing and disturbing Qurbani to the most needy since 1986. Our field offices locally source good quality livestock to make sure only the healthiest of animals are sacrificed. 

An annual Qurbani donation serves as a reminder to share what little we have with those less fortunate. 

Your donations also cover all the overheads in making the Qurbani happen, like transporting the animals, the slaughter itself, and packing and distributing the meat.

Thank you for your generous donations which are a lifeline for those in need. Find out more about our Quality Assured Qurbani programme here.

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