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A Marathon for Ghouta: Thank You!

Since last February the emergency situation in Eastern Ghouta has become critical. Families are struggling to find food and people’s lives at risk. Many have even died being caught up in the violence.

Here at Islamic Relief, we launched our Eastern Ghouta appeal asking you to donate what you could towards the terrible crisis on the ground. However, if you know me – ever keen to do a fundraiser – I felt we needed a little extra push!

So when that time of year came around again where hundreds of us crazy people put on our running shoes and trek across London, I thought why not? I’d already ran The London Marathon once before but my heart broke seeing the images of children in Ghouta. They need our help – urgently – and I couldn’t just stand by.

So, I picked up my running shoes and set myself a £10,000 fundraising target. After some gruelling training, thanks to my friends, family, colleagues and all of you lovely people, I’m delighted to say that I met my target and have successfully completed the run alhamdulillah! Jazakum Allah Khairan. This money will make a real difference to those in need. You’re saving lives and getting to see me squirm in the process!

So to return the favour, take a peek at my personal video diary. From training, to mid-run with the buzz of the run, it’s been a challenge well worth the spend!

Trials and training

£10K target reached – ready to go!

Half-way there…


Thank you once again for your amazing generosity and support. Without you, none of this would have been possible. You’re helping to save lives in Syria and making a real difference to communities in need.

If you’ve been inspired by my fundraiser and would like to help families in Eastern Ghouta, you can donate to our Eastern Ghouta appeal to provide emergency relief on the ground.

Or if you’re feeling bold, why not set your own fundraising challenge? The bolder the better! Visit our challenges page for more information.

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