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5 Shocking Realities of Climate Change

Climate change, global warming, plastic-pollution – we’ve all heard the stories in the media about the forthcoming catastrophe. But maybe you’re not aware how fast the climate-change clock is ticking. And despite all that, how you can make a difference.

You may’ve heard the ever-hopeful “we’ve got decades yet”, “the planet always heats up” or “there’s not much we can do”. Well for all the climate (semi-) sceptics out there, you’re in for a shock!

Here’s a small snapshot of some of the daily realities we take for granted which are all at risk due to climate change. Take a look!

1.  Hajj will be an impossible pillar

For Muslims across the globe, undertaking Hajj and fulfilling this sacred pillar is a must. But what if you were no longer able to go? Yes, with rising temperatures annually, by the year 2045 temperatures will be so high that undertaking Hajj will be, in fact, dangerous to our health and deemed too risky to complete. This is sadly a result of the way we’ve treated Allah’s blessed creation.

2.  Coffee prices will soar

Are you keen on picking up a quick coffee on your commute? Are you a fan of a creamy sweet cappuccino in the afternoon? Or perhaps you’re a dedicated caffeine addict and dread going without a few espressos every day to perk you up. Well, we’ve got bad news for you… With increasing water shortages due to continuously rising temperatures, it looks like the cost of coffee is going to also increase as coffee production decreases. This means our daily coffee will become a much more expensive affair. Sorry folks!  This may seem fairly trivial, but if the cost of coffee soars too high, we are likely to consume less: with less demand, coffee farmers around the world will be plunged into poverty.

3.  Animal species will die out

As much as it pains us to say, our consumption as humans is directly responsible for the suffering of our furry friends. It’s a hard pill to swallow but we’re impacting upon the climate so much so that if we don’t take action to stem the tide of climate change, we’ll have to bid a tearful goodbye to the Adélie penguin from Antarctica, polar bears, koalas and many other animal friends. Brothers and sisters: we can’t let this happen!

4.  Humans will fall into conflict

With rising temperatures worldwide, we can also expect rising levels of anger. Yes, climate change doesn’t just impact on plants, animals and natural resources but our own moods too! Research suggests that the hotter the temperatures, the hotter our temper. What’s more, with increasing displacement and scarcity of resources such as water and food, we’re more likely to fall into conflict as we search for ever-shrinking productive land. Sad times all around we’re afraid…

5.  London will be no more!

Bad news for those living in London town …. Whilst we’ve all heard of the concern for places such as Venice and its grand canals, the risk of flooding and rising water levels means that many unlikely places will also disappear as we know it within the next 80 years. Yes, this includes Jakarta, Shanghai, Dhaka, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro and wait for it… London! So, if we don’t limit the tide of global warming to 1.5°C, we’re heading underwater.

So what can we do?

The climate is changing and it is changing fast. We have to act now to avert a catastrophe in the future which would affect ourselves and our children. But we can stem the tide of climate change, we can lower the global increase in temperatures and we can make a difference.

Be part of the movement to fight climate change and join us in calling on our communities and the UK government to put the planet first. Take action to save Allah’s planet today by writing to your MP, calling on them to keep  climate change on the agenda and to make sure that we meet our net-zero target by (if not before) 2045.

To find out more and to keep up-to-date with the latest events, get in touch via email at [email protected].

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