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3 Million people, 35 countries – Your Qurbani in Action!

Alhamdulillah, we completed Hajj, we fasted on the day of Arafah and we once again welcomed Eid!

With an abundance of food, maybe a day or two off work, gifts and new clothes, it can be easy to forget about those who are less fortunate than ourselves and don’t have a lovely meal to look forward to or lots of gifts to give the little ones in the family.

With 1 in 9 people across the globe struggling against chronic hunger, Eid is definitely not the same for everyone. However, you helped to brighten up these blessed days for a staggering three million people alhamdulillah, thanks to your Qurbani donations!

Yes, that’s communities across an astonishing 35 countries where you helped to provide nutritious protein for a home-cooked meal over these sacred days. Read on and take a look at just a handful of the people you helped and their daily lives!

Bangladesh: A happy Eid for displaced families

After violence in Myanmar forced over 655,000 to flee to Bangladesh in search of safety and security, refugee families have been living in incredibly tough conditions. Alhamdulillah, you supported around 78,000 refugees from Myanmar and an additional 138,000 locals by providing fresh meat for Eid!

Kenya: Helping children to keep healthy

A staggering one in three children in Kenya suffer from stunting as families living in poverty struggle to feed their children. With climate change affecting the local environment and livelihoods, food poverty is a daily struggle. Alhamdulillah, Qurbani meat offers critical relief during the blessed days of Eid and beyond.

Lebanon: Supporting Syrian refugees

With eight years of violent conflict, over a million Syrian men, women and children fled to neighbouring countries such as Lebanon in fear of their lives. With hundreds of thousands of children still living in refugee camps, food is scarce and certainly not protein-packed. Your Qurbani makes all the difference – thank you!

Mali: Smiles all round for Sadaqah!

In Mali, almost half of the population live on less than £1.40 a day. That’s not even the price of our morning take-out coffee subhanAllah. However, there is good news! For the 300,000 people in Mali who received your Qurbani, Eid was a happy time of year. Your sadaqah truly brought smiles – JazakAllah Khair!

Myanmar: Making daily life less challenging

Mynamar is sadly no strange to poverty, conflict and inter-communal violence. With decades of stagnation, mismangament and isolation, over 3.4 million of the country’s population are living in crippling poverty. This is where your Qurbani makes such a difference to the lives of families in need – thank you!

Nepal: No, no more hunger!  

With recurring disasters and a shocking one in four people living on less than 37p (yes 37p!) a day, a tasty varied diet is definitely not something that many people can look forward to. This is where your Qurbani makes all the difference. With meat such a luxury, your Qurbani means the difference between a substantial meal and hunger…

Pakistan: The best time of year is Eid!   

What a wonderful smile! For children and parents in Pakistan, Eid is (of course) the best time of year! That’s because thanks to your Qurbani, families across Pakistan can enjoy a tasty fresh meal – something crucial for millions of children under the age of five who are lacking in nutrients and vitamins.

South Sudan: Providing much-needed relief   

Did you know that almost five million people in South Sudan don’t know where their next meal will come from? Poverty in this conflict-stricken nation means that most people don’t live past the age of 56 years old. This is why your Qurbani is so important. Being able to finally cook fresh tasty meat on the days of Eid and beyond, means parents don’t have to worry for the immediate time being about how they’re going to feed their families.

Sri Lanka: It’s all go for an Eid meal!    

Nine thousand kilos of meat and 36,000 people… Yes – this is your Qurbani in action! With fresh tasty meat in hand, local families are all set to tuck into a healthy meal over Eid. Given that more than one in three people in Sri Lanka can’t afford a fully nutritious diet, your Qurbani is much-needed charity in action!

United Kingdom: Charity in action at home

Across the UK, a staggering 14 million people are living in poverty. That’s around 1 in 5 people across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland who can’t afford a balanced diet. To help as many of these vulnerable people as possible, we distributed 360 Qurbanis in 10 regions across the country in a range of cities including Glasgow, Manchester, London and Newcastle, in partnership with SUFRA, East London Mosque and FareShare, to ensure that families and individuals could look forward to a protein-packed meal.

SubhanAllah, these are just eleven of the 35 countries where your Qurbani has made a critical difference during Eid al-Adha. With millions of people across the globe battling hunger due to conflict, climate change and poverty, your donations have ensured vulnerable men, women and children have a healthy fresh source of food for the coming days and weeks. Thank you for your ongoing support!

If you’d like to support families desperately in need across the globe, you can donate towards our Gobal Emergencies Fund and support our lifesaving work.

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