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10 reasons to say Thank You!

10 reasons to say Thank You!

Chocolate fudge cakes, golden tickets, Waqar Younis and buses don’t immediately spring to mind when we think about Ramadan. With your help, Islamic Relief featured all of these and more during our Ramadan campaign this year, and raising over £10m!

This Ramadan we have been able to support over 1.5 million people in 31 countries with food packs giving families the opportunity to break their fast nutritiously. During the blessed month, your on-going generosity helped us reach a major milestone in supporting 50,000 orphans globally, SubhanAllah!

Without your continued support and generosity we wouldn’t be able to help the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, so we wanted to say thank you.We held multiple live TV appeals on Islam Channel and Channel S. Money raised at these appeals aims to provide innovative long-term water solutions for 1,000 families for years to come whilst combating the negative impact of climate change. Hundreds of vulnerable children will be supported in Gaza, and children in Bangladesh will be pulled out of the cycle of poverty through our alternative orphans sponsorship programme.

We broke ground by fundraising on Facebook Live and took part in live radio appeals on Radio Ramadan, Awaz FM and Leicester Pledge Day which involved staying on air for 12 hours. Thanks for calling in!Our volunteers have always been an integral part of our work. Without your hard work and dedication we wouldn’t be able to carry out the work that we do. During Ramadan over 1,000 people gave up their free time to volunteer for us. From delivering cakes, often in the heat, while fasting, to answering phone calls throughout the night during live appeals, and helping wherever needed. We are so grateful and proud of our volunteers who work tirelessly behind the scenes, may Allah SWT bless and reward you for your hard work.

Thank You!


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