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A £1 million helping hand for families across East Africa

Over the past year, drought, famine, ongoing conflict and food insecurity have continued to devastate the lives of families across East Africa.

Across South Sudan and Somalia, an estimated 11.2 million people are facing critical levels of food scarcity. With chronic water shortages, livestock and crops are failing. Food prices are rising and with a lack of safe water, communities are also vulnerable to life-threatening illnesses such as cholera, diphtheria and diarrhoea.

Families are struggling to survive and sadly those worst affected are also the youngest, with one million children under the age of five at risk of malnutrition in South Sudan alone.

As we now enter another year of unpredictable climates across East Africa, we’ll be continuing to help affected families. We’ll be assisting over 700,000 people facing food and water insecurity across both South Sudan and Somalia.

South Sudan: Supporting society’s most vulnerable

In Ghazal State, South Sudan, three years of ongoing food crisis, have left families at breaking point. To continue supporting local communities, we’ll be providing 3,000 households with livelihood assistance.

34,000 people will benefit from pastoralist education and training in alternative farming techniques. We will also be delivering essential nutritional and water, hygiene and sanitation training. The most vulnerable members of the community – children, pregnant and lactating women and the elderly – will be given priority care.

Elsewhere in Yei and Mangatien, we will be assisting another 3,000 displaced households. Families will be offered humanitarian assistance including food, water and women will also be provided with individual hygiene kits.

Somalia: Providing vital food aid for displaced families

Across Somalia, drought induced famine and ongoing food insecurity are placing households at risk of starvation. An estimated 388,000 children under the age of five are severely malnourished and for displaced families, daily life is especially challenging.

Over the next three months, we’ll be helping 23,100 displaced people living in camps along the Baidoa and Afgooye corridor. We’ll be providing family food packs containing essentials such as rice, wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, cream power and porridge.

Alhamdulillah, your Zakat and Sadaqah is allowing us to continue saving the lives of vulnerable families across South Sudan and Somalia. Thank you for your ongoing support.

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